List of Individuals

Quinnell, Caitrin
Quinnell, Camilla-Louise
Quinnell, Devika
Quinnell, Duvessine Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Eldon Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Eldona Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Fane Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Flynn Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Ithel mac Judah mac Austin
Quinnell, Janus
Quinnell, Janusine
Quinnell, Jason
Quinnell, Jehan
Quinnell, Jensic
Quinnell, Jerome
Quinnell, Job
Quinnell, Joel
Quinnell, Joel (1)
Quinnell, Jolyana
Quinnell, Jolyon
Quinnell, Jolyon (1)
Quinnell, Jolyon (2)
Quinnell, Jolyon Justinian Jedediah
Quinnell, Jonatan
Quinnell, Jordan
Quinnell, Jorianna
Quinnell, Jorianna (1)
Quinnell, Joris
Quinnell, Joris (1)
Quinnell, Jubal
Quinnell, Jubal mac Adam
Quinnell, Judah
Quinnell, Judhael
Quinnell, Judhael (1)
Quinnell, Judit
Quinnell, Justin
Quinnell, Magrette
Quinnell, Nerina Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Nieve Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Nolan Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Onora
Quinnell, Ophelia Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Quenelda
Quinnell, Quinn
Quinnell, Roisian
Quinnell, Sidonie
Quinnell, Sorcha
Quinnell, Swynbeth Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Tambert Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Tambert II Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, Tammeron Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell, \Prasanna\ Fitz-Arthur
Quinnell-Kincaid, Jorice
Quinnell-Kincaid, Judhael
R'kassi, ? of
R'Kassi, Rhupen of
R'Kassi, Rhupen of (1)
Rakoczy, Garma
Ramsay, Dafydd
Ramsay, Edward
Ramsay, James
Ramsay, Jolyon
Ramsay-Quinell, Alcinda
Ramsay-Quinell, Alexander
Ramsay-Quinell, Colin
Ramsay-Quinell, Edgar
Ramsay-Quinell, Laurel
Ramsay-Quinell, Lucinda
Ramsay-Quinell, Matthew
Ramsay-Quinell, Maureen
Ramsay-Quinell, Samuel
Ramsay-Quinell, Thomas
Rebais, Phyllida
Reynnells, Louise
Rhelledd, Justin of
Rhorau, Messalina
Rhorau-Harpenberg, Evard of
Rhupen*, Reynald
Rhupen*, Viol
Rhupen, ?
Rhupen, Esaie
Rhupen, Ezechiel
Rhupen, Gedeon
Rhupen, Gosdantin
Rhupen, Hethum
Rhupen, Juhel
Rhupen, Levon
Rhupen, Levon (1)
Rhupen, Maya
Rhupen, Oshin
Rhupen, Petremand
Rhupen, Piran
Rhupen, Raimond
Rhupen, Rhupen
Rhupen, Thoros
Rhupen, Tigan
Rhupen, Tigran
Rhupen, Timur
Rhupen, Ysembard
Rinville, Ranalta

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