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Welcome to alt.books.deryni's FAQ list about Katherine Kurtz. Contributions, corrections, expansions, and the filling in of missing information is welcomed, nay, encouraged. Submissions should be sent to Rebecca.

(Note: This FAQ was originally put together by Leanne Phillips. I've just added updates and put it into HTML.)

Summary of changes:

  • Recent Publications updated
  • Future Books updated
  • Bibliography updated
  • Timeline updated
  • Some no longer relevant comments removed from the genealogy section

This FAQ contains the following information:

  1. Recent publications
  2. Future Books: projected publishing dates/titles/etc.
  3. Bibliography
  4. Suggested order of reading the Deryni-world books

  5. The Deryni Roleplaying Game (still under "Future books" at the moment)
  6. Deryni Archives: Book and Magazine

  7. A timeline of the cycle
  8. A list of the Eleven Kingdoms, with their corresponding 'modern' (Kelson-time) counterparts
  9. A discussion about the genetics involved in the Deryni heritage
  10. A depiction of the genealogical relationship between Kelson and the Mearans. (Also includes a couple of other charts).

  11. Instructions on mailing Katherine Kurtz and her publishers
  12. Official Katherine Kurtz website address and other internet resources
  13. Credits, thanks, etc.

Recent Publications

In the King's Service softcover: January 2005

Deryni Rising hardcover: July 2004
Contains a new introduction by Katherine. Minor revisions were made to the original text.

Map of the Eleven Kingdoms poster: August 2003
This full size poster (24 x 36 inches) detailing the Eleven Kingdoms of the Deryni Universe is the first installment of material related to the Deryni Roleplaying Game. It includes plans of the city of Rhemuth, St. Georges Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace in Rhemuth. Available at gaming stores or directly from Grey Ghost Press

Annales Nuptiarum Kelsonus Regis
Created per Katherine's suggestion, this is a fan supplement to the original Codex Derynianus. It covers information found in King Kelson's Bride. 60 pages of text and 21 illustrations, the supplement is printed on 24 lb paper and is spiral bound with lamenated full color cover illustrations. $14.00 postpaid in the U.S. email Jesse for details.

Crusade of Fire: Mystical Tales of the Knights Templar softcover: December 2002
A new short story collection about the Knights Templar.

Deryni Tales softcover: May 2002
A short story collection edited by Katherine Kurtz. Includes a new short story by Katherine.

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Future Books

Codex Derynianus, 2nd edition
This new 348-page edition of Codex will be published in October 2005 in trade paperback by Underwood Books, distributed to the trade by Publishers Group West, and sold through and all of the major book venues. This version updates the first, including new data on King Kelson's Bride, as well as new stories and new general entries, in addition to corrections and amendations scatterd throughout the text. For the first time ever, fans of Katherine Kurtz's work will have general access to this highly entertaining guide to her fictional universe. (from Robert Reginald's announcement)

Childe Morgan
The second book of the Childe Morgan Trilogy covers the events of Alaric Morgan's youth. (As Katherine is not finished writing this book yet, there is no publication date).

Deryni Fudge Roleplaying Game
Katherine has licensed the Deryni Universe to Grey Ghost Press, Inc. for the development of a Deryni roleplaying game based on the Fudge gaming system (for more information on the system go to, and for more information on the roleplaying game go to

The core book, The Deryni Adventure Game is scheduled for a summer 2005 release.

Deryni Magic will be reworked by Aaron Rosenberg and Katherine Kurtz for use with the RPG. It is slated for publication in 2005.

Also in the works: The Atlas of the Eleven Kingdoms, with maps by Ann Dupuis and Daniel M. Davis. There will be maps of each of the extant Eleven Kingdoms, with detailed maps of various regions, cities, and some floor plans of castles and other places of interest. Publication in 2006.

All of these books will be available through game and hobby stores, some bookstores,, and directly from Grey Ghost Press, Inc.

Other Projects
Re-release of The Deryni Chronicles. Revisions may be made to the original work (though there wasn't much done to Deryni Rising so don't fret too much!) Ace plans to release a volume between publication of each volume of the Childe Morgan series. Deryni Checkmate, will be released in October 2005.

A book about Orin and Jodotha is planned.

A book about 948 is also planned, as a 4th book of the Camber's Heirs series.

Katherine and Deborah Turner Harris will be writing a sequel to The Temple and the Crown, this one featuring Robert the Bruce's brother who briefly became King of Ireland.

Katherine and Deborah also have another Adept book planned. It will be a sequel to Lammas Night and tell the story of Philippa Sinclair and John Graham.

Scott MacMillan is planning a third book, Order of the Sword, although it is still not yet written.

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Bibliography of books by Katherine Kurtz

The Deryni Chronicles
Deryni Rising (1970); 2nd edition (2004)
Deryni Checkmate (1972); 2nd edition (2005)
High Deryni (1973)

The Camber series
Camber of Culdi (1976)
Saint Camber (1978)
Camber the Heretic (1981)

The Histories of King Kelson
The Bishop's Heir (1984)
King's Justice (1985)
The Quest for Saint Camber (1986)
King Kelson's Bride (2000)

The Heirs of Saint Camber
The Harrowing of Gwynedd (1989)
King Javan's Year (1992)
The Bastard Prince (1994)

The Childe Morgan
In the King's Service (2003)

Stand-alone books
Deryni Archives (short stories) (1986)
Deryni Magic (a grimoire) (1991)
Codex Derynianus (with Robert Reginald) (1998); 2nd edition (2005)
This 'A-Z guide to the Deryni world' is a signed, limited edition (500 copies) hardcover. It incorporates information from 9 B.C. to 1126 A.D., filling in many of the blanks of the history of the Eleven Kingdoms. It was written mostly by Robert Reginald, in an in-world view (from a historian of Kelson's time).
The 2nd edition is a mass market trade paperback, updating the 1998 (limited) edition.
Venture in Vain (short story) (2001)
A signed, limited edition (300 copies) written for Katherine Kurtz's visit to the John M. Pfau Library at California State Univeristy, San Bernardino. The story details, from the Mearan point of view, King Donal Blaine's invasion into Meara in the year 1089 and its consequences.
Deryni Tales (short stories) (2002)
Katherine Kurtz, ed. + story

Non-Deryni books
Lammas Night (1983)
The Legacy of Lehr (1986)
The Adept (with Deborah Turner Harris)
Book I: The Adept (1991)
Book II: The Lodge of the Lynx (1992)
Book III: The Templar Treasure (1993)
Book IV: Dagger Magic (1995)
Book V: Death of an Adept (1996)
Templar Books (with Deborah Turner Harris)
Book I: The Temple And the Stone (1998)
Book II: The Temple and the Crown (April 2001)
Two Crowns for America (1996)
Saint Patrick's Gargoyle (2001)

Knights of the Blood (1993)
(lightly edited by Katherine Kurtz, written by Scott MacMillan)
Knights of the Blood: At Sword's Point (August 1994)
(lightly edited by Katherine Kurtz, written by Scott MacMillan)
Tales of the Knights Templar (1995)
Katherine Kurtz, ed. + story
Story: "Obligations" (follows The Templar Treasure.)
On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar (1998)
Katherine Kurtz, ed. + story
KK's story is an Adam Sinclair story dealing with Henri Gerard.
This also contains a story by Rob Reginald, titled "Occam's Razor."
Crusade of Fire: Mystical Tales of the Knights Templar (2002)
Katherine Kurtz, ed. + story
KK's story "White Knights" is about the founding of the Knights Templar.

Anthology Contributions
Flashing Swords #4: Barbarians and Black Magicians
Editor: Lin Carter
Published by Nelson Doubleday (book club edition; 1977)
Also published by Dell Publishing Co, Inc.
Story: Swords Against the Marluk
Tale of how King Brion's power was awakened and his battle and duel arcane with Charissa's father the Marluk. Katherine mentioned in the anthology Deryni Archives that this story was not reprinted because it will be expanded upon and superceded by the Childe Morgan trilogy.
The Fleet #5: Total War
Editors: David Drake and Bill Fawcett
Published by Ace Books (1990)
Story: Manstopper (with Scott MacMillan)
This story was mostly written by Scott and edited by Katherine, but completists would probably want it.
The Crafters, Book I
Editors: Christopher Stasheff and Bill Fawcett
Published by Ace Books (1991)
Story: The Summoning
Once Upon a Time: A Treasure of Modern Fairy Tales
Editors: Lester Del Rey & Risa Kessler
Published by Del Rey (1991)
Story: A Tinkling of Fairybells
The Gods of War
Editor/Creator: Christopher Stasheff
Published by Baen Books (1992)
Story: Sir James the Rose
Battlestation #2: Vanguard
Editors: David Drake and Bill Fawcett
Published by Ace Books (March 1993)
Story: Battle Offering
In the Shadow of the Gargoyle
Editors: Nancy Kilpatrick and Thomas S. Roche
Published by Ace Books (1998)
Story: The Gargoyle's Shadow
(This story was expanded into the novel St. Patrick's Gargoyle.)

Books by Others in Katherine Kurtz' Worlds:
Deryni Challenge, by Stephen Billias (a Crossroads Adventure, set in 905)

Books About Katherine Kurtz and Her Worlds:
Fantasy Voices
edited by Jeffrey M. Elliott, (Borgo Press, 1983). An earlier version of the interview in the below work appeared in this as well. Still available, ($10 postpaid).
The Work of Katherine Kurtz: An Annotated Bibliography & Guide
by Boden Clarke and Mary A. Burgess. (Borgo Press, 1993). Includes an article by Katherine Kurtz, bibliographical data, and a very long interview with her. Still available, ($10 postpaid).
Xenograffiti: Essays on Fantastic Literture
by Robert Reginald (Borgo Press, 1996). Includes an essay, "Derynian Dreams: The Fantasy Worlds of Katherine Kurtz." Still available, ($15 postpaid).

These three books can be purchased from Millefleurs:
P.O. Box 2845
San Bernardino, CA 92406-2845

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Suggested Reading Order of the Deryni Books

The publishing order (see above), is also the order of suggested reading. Deryni Archives and Deryni Magic should be read after the Camber series for complete understanding, but otherwise can be fitted in anywhere.

If you want to read them in internal-chronology order see below.

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Deryni Archives

There are two entities referred to by the name 'Deryni Archives', and these sometimes produce confusion.

  • The Kurtz-written short story collection, spanning the chronology from the year 888 to the year 1118.
  • The magazine Deryni Archives: The Zine. This contains fan fiction. It was originally edited by Kurtz herself, but after 10 issues, she handed it over to someone else to concentrate on her own writing, coinciding with her move to Ireland. She still vets all material published in the magazine.

Back issues of the magazine are available; however, some or all may need to be reprinted for a given order.

An order form and additional information about all the issues of the magazine can be found at the Deryni Archives webpage. The newest issue, #19, is available.

Story Submissions can be sent to Julianne Toomey-Kautz.

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General Timeline

This is a basic timeline, describing which books/stories cover which years.

888: Deryni Archives: "Catalyst"
903-904: Camber of Culdi
905-906: Saint Camber
914: Deryni Archives: "Healer's Song"
917-early 918: Camber the Heretic
918: The Harrowing of Gwynedd
921-922: King Javan's Year
928: The Bastard Prince
977: Deryni Archives: "Vocation"
1056: Deryni Tales: "The Green Tower"
1086-1095: In the King's Service
1089: "Venture in Vain"
1100: Deryni Archives: "Bethane"
1104-1105: Deryni Archives: "The Priesting of Arilan"
1105: Deryni Archives: "Legacy"
1115: Deryni Archives: "The Knighting of Derry"
1118: Deryni Archives: "Trial"
1120: Deryni Rising
1121 (March): Deryni Checkmate
1121 (May-June): High Deryni
1123: The Bishop's Heir
1124: The King's Justice
1125: The Quest for Saint Camber
1128: King Kelson's Bride

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The Eleven Kingdoms

This rhyme is at the front of Camber of Culdi, and is attributed to the Lord Llewellyn.

Now, these are the Names of the Eleven Kingdoms, sung rightly well of old:
Howicce, and Llannedd, and fierce Connait;
mountainous Meara, the Land Beyond the River;
and Kheldour, the windswept;
and pastoral Eastmarch;
Tolan, and Torenth, and myth-ridden Mooryn;
and lost Caeriesse, which sank beneath the sea;
and far-reaching Gwynedd, seat of the Haldane Kings.

--Lay of the Lord Llewellyn
Troubadour to the High King of Mooryn

Tolan, Torenth, Caeriesse, Gwynedd, Howicce, Llanedd, Connait, these are all pretty straightward. (It should be noted that the Duchy of Haldane is a part of the Kingdom of Gwynedd. However, a cursory summary of the history of Gwynedd's founding would seem to indicate that the Haldane duchy was, among several other pieces of land, a precursor to Gwynedd rather than absorbed by it.)

Mooryn is the original land now comprised of Corwyn and Carthmoor.

Meara became Cassan, Kierney, and what's now called Meara.

Kheldour became the Duchy of Claibourne and the Earldom of Rhendall. (The Earldom of Rhendall, once held by the heir of the Duke of Claibourne as Kierney is held by the heir of the Duke of Cassan, is now in a second branch of the family, by one Duke's will.)

Also a product of this splitting was the Kheldish Riding, held directly as a Crown territory.

Eastmarch became Eastmarch and Marley.

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Genetics/Deryni inheritance

At the end of High Deryni, there is a discussion of precisely how Deryniness is inherited. And yet, this seems, in essence, to make no sense when compared to later books. For instance:

  1. There seems to be a definite difference in power that can, if diluted with 'human' blood, decrease from one generation to the next. If a single gene were responsible, this would not happen; you would have either the same amount of power as your parent with the gene, or none.
  2. Dhugal MacArdry McLain's mother is thought to be human, yet he is Deryni. According to Kurtz's genetics, this is also impossible. Some indications point at Maryse MacArdry being Deryni; this is not yet proven, and will undoubtedly be revealed in future books. Similar problems arise in other families, however.

General tendencies seem to indicate that as she developed the world more, she began to grow away from the single-gene theory. Either several genes are responsible, or there's something even more complex involved.

Katherine Kurtz has, in the past, stated several times that the theory advanced in High Deryni is in fact only a theory and should not be considered a definitive look at how things happen; she's indicated that indeed several genes are likely to be responsible, as suggested above, or that things are very complex.

(Microbiologist Kristy Henscheid has found a way to make the original theory work. To view her charts see Deryni Genetics on her Gwynedd page.)

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The genealogical relationship between Kelson and the Mearans.

The following charts include information from Codex Derynianus and King Kelson's Bride. However they are truncated; broken lines indicate areas where generations have been removed for brevity (therefore the generations do not line up collaterally). To see the full lines visit the Deryni Genealogies webpage.

Partial Chart of the Quinnells of Meara and Cassan, Haldanes and Ramseys


The next chart follows Annalind Quinnell's and Adelicia FitzArthur's lines.

Partial chart of the McLains, Quinnells and Morgans


The McLain Problem outlines the problems that occur within this chart.

The Royal House of Andelon


Alinor Cardiel is the sister of Thomas Cardiel, Archbishop of Rhemuth.

Richenda and Rothana are cousines germaine through the marriage of Richenda's cousin, Rohays, to Rothana's brother, Sulen.

The Royal House of Nur Hallaj


In The King's Justice Richenda stated that there was a tenuous relationship between herself and Azim, but neglected to explain it in sufficent detail. Surely, it is the marriage of his nephew,Sulen, to Richenda's cousin, Rohays.

Hassan ar-Rafiq was an advisor to Hogan Gwernach and his daughter, Charissa Duchess of Tolan.

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Mailing Katherine Kurtz

Katherine Kurtz has given permission to mail to her directly:
Katherine Kurtz
Holybrooke Hall
Bray, Co. Wicklow

Remember, Ms. Kurtz lives in Ireland. If you want a response, it'd be a nice, encouraging gesture to include a SASE, using International Reply Coupons - your local post office should be able to help you. (I've been told that International Reply Coupons are no longer available in the Netherlands, but I don't know about elsewhere).

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  1. Go to the post office and buy an International Reply Coupon. It costs about three times as much as an international letter would.
  2. Address an empty envelope to yourself (and leave it open, of course, I once made the mistake of closing it and putting the IRC inside, and promptly got it sent back to me, IRC and all :-)
  3. Write your letter.
  4. Put the empty envelope and the IRC in with your letter before you close it.
  5. Send your letter.

The person who receives the letter takes your IRC to the post office and exchanges it for a stamp that will send your letter to your country. It's valid for a normal-weight airmail or surface mail letter; if you want something heavy sent to you, be sure to include more IRCs.

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Ace Books:
Ace Books/The Berkley Publishing Group
Penguin Putnam Inc.
375 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10014

The British publisher used to be Legend; I hear now that the company no longer publishes her books. At least some bookstores are now stocking the US versions of the books.

Nevertheless, here is Legend's address:
Random Century Group
20 Vauxhall Bridge Road

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Websites of Interest

Official websites and Chatroom

Deryni Destination: the Official Katherine Kurtz website. Choose the resolution in which you would like to view the site.

The official IRC chat room: the server is (you can also type in the IP address: /server, and the channel is #Deryni_Destinations. There is also a java version of the chat room, which you can enter from the front page of Deryni Destination or by clicking here. Katherine usually makes an appearance on Sunday evenings, somewhere between 5:00 and 5:30 eastern time.

(To catch up on previous chats with Katherine go to A search of alt.books.deryni at groups.googl will also give you the transcripts of old chats. Use the keywords "KK chat.")

Grey Ghost Press, Inc. has a page devoted to theDeryni Fudge RPG. Ann promises to try to keep the site more up-to-date.

There are two mirror sites for the FAQ:

To catch up on fanfic that's been posted on the newsgroup check out:
  1. Airsid Network The Deryni Fan Fiction Archive for the Internet. archives all fan fiction and relevant works presented on the newsgroup alt.books.deryni, unless directed otherwise by the author. Authors are welcome to address any queries to the webmistress at (Story updates to Airsid are generally made on Sunday mornings. Chat Transcripts are usually up by Tuesday evenings).

  2. Kendall's website Deryni Manuscripts. (Also contains a map of the Eleven Kingdoms).

For aspiring fanfic authors there is Deryni Scrolls - The Authors List. This is a resource and discussion group for Deryni fanfic authors, to be used for comments, critiques, beta-reading, and general discussion of writing related matters. Originally created for the round robin authors to discuss story developments and other plot problems, it has now been opened to include all authors of Deryni Fan Fiction placing work on alt.books.deryni, or privately sent submissions. All Deryni fanfic authors are welcome. Please contact for information to join.

Other sites of interest
Got genealogy related questions? Check out Deryni Genealogies. Charts are based on information contained in the Codex, as well as the novels, and tracks most of the ruling families of the Eleven Kingdoms, plus many noble families of Gwynedd and Torenth.

Don't know what a jazerant is? Visit the Library at Castle Rhemuth. Artemis has put together a very informative site on which she defines many of the medieval terms found in the novels. She's also compiled lists of the the degrees of kinship between many of the major characters and a list of Camber's descendents in Kelson's time.

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Credits and thanks for assistance

Thanks and credits are due to the following people:

  • A. Adams (, for giving Leanne the name and address of the British publisher, for our European readers.
  • Covert C Beach (, for retrieving the author's list for Kurtz (providing publishing dates on the books, now added); providing information about the Childe Morgan trilogy. Also for adding several pieces to the timeline. And for correcting the poem naming the Eleven Kingdoms, and providing the names of the Duchy of Claibourne and Earldom of Rhendall. And for three additions to the bibliography, under the anthology section. And reminding Leanne about At Sword's Point. Even better, Covert's the one who contacted Katherine Kurtz for Leanne and sent her Katherine's comments about the FAQ and her expansion on some things.
  • Erik Johnson (, for also providing the information for section 7 (the correct poem, and the names of the Duchy of Claibourne and Earldom of Rhendall). And correcting grammar, and reminding Leanne of the Duchy of Haldane.
  • Elizabeth A. Hlabse (eah4@po.CWRU.Edu), for giving Leanne the anthology entry for Once Upon a Time; also for supplying the address of Caer Deryni. Also for the anthology entry for Gods of War ("Sir James the Rose").
  • John Hawkinson (, for several typo corrections.
  • Kerrie Bradford (, for correcting Leanne's faulty memory on the exact rhyme describing the Eleven Kingdoms.
  • Kendall Bullen (, for confirming a 4th Adept book, pointing out an embarassing typo, and supplying the address to Del Rey books (or a partial one, at least).
  • Roger Burton-West (, for confirming that the 4th Adept book had been sent to the publisher.
  • Vito Salvaggio (, for supplying the Caer Deryni address to confirm the one supplied by Elizabeth Hlabse.
  • Irina Rempt-Drijfhout (, for the information about using IRC coupons.
  • Ann Dupuis (, for all the information on the Deryni RPG.
  • Kiri ( for the information about the Deryni Scrolls mailing list and more details about
  • Kathleen Hanrahan for spotting several typos.
  • Chat provided by Christopher Rheinherren ( and Psionics.Net IRC Network. I'd also like to thank Chris for the FAQ's mirror site at Deryni Destination and for making updates to the FAQ when I haven't been able to.
  • Robert Knop, Jr. for cleaning up some of the HTML formatting and setting up a mirror site at

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