The problems with the McLain line stems from a statement of Alaric Morgan's in The Bishop's Heir about the McLain connection to the Mearan Pretenders and the Mearan claim to Kierney and Cassan.

"Neither Duncan's father or his grandfather had any brothers, but his grandfather had two sisters. The younger, my paternal grandmother, produced one son, my father. The elder sister also produced a son, however; and he married the Princess Annalind of Meara." (The Bishop's Heir: cloth, page 39; paper, page 41)

This bit of dialogue seems to read:
1) Duncan's father, Jared, had no brothers.
2) Duncan's grandfather, Andrew, had no brothers; however he had two sisters:
a) the elder sister was the mother of Rhiryd Kincaid, Annalind Quinnell's husband.
b) the younger sister, Madonna, was Kenneth Morgan's mother.

So, according to the above dialogue a descent chart would look like this:

But this doesn't work when we look at births and marriages in the Codex:
1) Rhiryd Kincaid, Annalind Quinnell's husband, was born in the year 999.
2) Andrew McLain was born December 1, 1034. Since his parents Arnall McLain and Adelicia Fitz-Arthur Quinnell were married on February 20, 1034, he is their eldest child--any sisters would have been born after 1034 and therefore can not be Rhiryd Kincaid's mother.
3) In the Codex, Madonna McLain is said to be the second daughter of Tairchell McLain, which would make her Arnall McLain's sister and Andrew McLain's aunt.

Rob Reginald's explaination:

"...[I]t is not clear to whom the second "his" refers: it could be Duncan, or his father, or his grandfather..." (alt.books.deryni, February 7, 1999)

In said article, Rob confirmed Madonna's attribution, backing up everything one generation. However, he added that Tairchell McLain's elder daughter was not the wife of Loren Kincaid, but the second wife of Fergus, King of Howicce. So who's the McLain woman who is Loren Kincaid's wife and Rhiryd Kincaid's mother?

Well, Rob further explained in the same article:

"Duke Alaric did make one misstatement, confusing one of the triple descendants (sic) of Ithel from the House of McLain, which is understandable. Loren Kincaid's wife was Ayn Lady McLain, eldest child of Sir Roger McLain." (alt.books.deryni, February 7, 1999)

According to this information, the descent chart looks like this:

Unfortunately, the dates still don't work for Ayn McLain; she can not be Roger McLain's eldest child:
1) Roger McLain and Glorian MacInnis were married on February 11, 990. Their eldest child, Tairchell, was born December 27, 990.
2) Even if she were Tairchell's twin, Ayn would be, at most, barely 9 years old, when Rhiryd Kincaid was born in 999.
3) Ayn can't be the daughter of Roger by a previous marriage; the claim for the Earldom of Kierney is through Glorian MacInnis, not Roger McLain.

For now, with no further solution having been presented publicly, this is where it stands, and although inaccruate, how it appears in the genealogy charts.

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