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Last update 22SEP02

Puzzle #1. This one has been kicking around for at least twenty years that I know of and probably longer than that. It was photocopied several times so it was an early version of the email chain letter, I guess. A real nice challenge. Good luck!
Puzzle #2. Not quite as good as #1, but similar in style and probably about the same vintage. Have fun!
Assorted Trivia.    That's the title anyway. I know this one's been around at least since email was invented, but it seems to have a split personality. After #22, it suddenly turns into a Q & A format test. The laser printer reference provides a date for the latter part and I'm sure the numbered part is older. Don't believe everything you read! It's your job to verify. Thanks to Aaron Focacci for passing this one along.
Life in the 1500's.    Yeah, right! Mr. "Author Unknown" gives us his theories on the origin of many english language cliches, etc.
Christmas Songs and Expressions. Self explanatory puzzle requires recollection of the first line of popular  christmas carols.
Japanese Grid. This doesn't really fit into the theme, but I thought it was too much fun not to include. I saw this type puzzle in a Japanese magazine and this is a similar version. I'm giving you just what I had to work with, since I can't read Japanese. The first thing you will see on the page is the actual puzzle, then a few hints on how to work it, and finally a worked example. Get a soft pencil and soft eraser and go to it! 
English Signs in Foreign Countries. Predates the internet based on USSR references.

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