Grotto2:  Fliton Infinity 90 Build Pics:
gear1gear2gear3twheelWheels: Stock tailwheel shown. You may want to replace it.
servosServos: Throttle is shown in position for Saito. Put on other side for YS.
softmntSoft mount. Note relief for engine bolts & reinforcement of gussets.
saito1saitopmpSaito 90 installation, without and with pump.
pipe1pipe2A possible pipe mount solution.
depsppdepsRudder pull-pull and Elevator DEPS. Lube DEPS with graphite.
inv_1inv_2inv_3inv_4side_lside_rFinish shots with Saito. Header hole not needed with YS110.
ysplateinfringYS110 on mounting plate. Full size template for nose ring. Line nose ring hole with split medium fuel tubing.

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