My good friend and pattern coach Doug Pfaff sketched up a simple version of a jig I had borrowed from Gary Bollinger a couple of years ago. An hour of work at Doug's house and the major components were complete. I present some sketches here for your benefit should you care to duplicate it. Design notes: The fuse is allowed to rotate around the longitudinal axis like a rotisserie with stops every forty five degrees provided by the circle of holes in the inner piece of PVC pipe of the front support. The rear support should be inserted roughly five inches into the tail post of the fuselage. Of course, this means drilling a 3/16" hole in the post. Adjust the height by cutting the upright 1x4's as required. Mine is rather tall for obvious reasons, but you pay prefer a shorter one if that matches your height better. Depending on the fuselage length, drill holes along the base 2x4 as required. Note that the entire jig may be broken down to a small size for storage. Here's a better picture in CorelDRAW (zipped):

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