GROTTO 2: R/C Pattern

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HW101 HW-101 SB301 SB-301 heterodyne crystals





National Society of Radio Control Aerobatics is the SIG for pattern. Here is a link to the site. Great magazine! Join today!!!     

The Great Rudder Experiment.

This is the article I published in the Jan-Mar issue of FLORIDA AEROBATICS. It includes the original graph


Fliton Infinity 90 build page


Some notes on setting up your PULL-PULL controls. This will help you get the slack out!


Visit my Retro page! Updated OCT2015:  How to Hot-Rod antique R/C.

By popular demand:here's the Nat's Pattern Frequency Matrix .(1k)

Visit my Pattern Links page. 



Mike Chipchase has made available his trimming chart in a zipped Excel file. This file is in A4 (metric) page format. 


Propellor tip speed chart.(zipped)


Speed of aircraft derived from pitch & RPM.(zipped)


Sheet mass versus size in inches and weight/cubic ft.(zipped)



Notes from RickMattie's engine clinic at the '96 Nats. Updated with information from the'98 Nats session. YSFacts

Instructions for OS PA-102 Pump System. (370K zipped GIF)



Here are my plans for a fuselage paint jig.

Here's my template for the Pursuit nose ring.

Here's some information from a mail thread on applying monokote that I got from the NSRCA group. 

T2A-MKII build instructions. (1100k) This is a Word .doc file.

Checkmate build instructions. (2900k) This is a Word .doc file.

Bootlegger build instructions. (3100k) This is a Word .doc file containing both Southern R/C and Don's Discount instructions.

Quality Line Arrow diagram (1000K).



YS 120

Drawing file (29k)


Drawing file (25k)

Pursuit prototype

Drawing file (35k)

Pursuit (my scheme)

Drawing file (42k)


Drawing file (23k)


Drawing file (25k)

This is a xip of two CorelDRAW 8 files, aresti1.cdr and aresti2.cdr. They include the diagrams seen on Matt Chapman's page . There is enough variety of symbology in them that you can piece together about any aerobatic sequence imaginable, but if you imagine one that you can't, let me know and I'll try to add it. (29k)


This is a CorelDRAW11 script file for drawing formers/bulkheads to Dave Platt's specification. This is mathematically called a "parabola rotated 45 degrees." The script was written using a string-art algorithm to generate the shape, so you will want to use 30 or more points. It will also show skin thickness removed. If you want to design a turtledeck, etc, this is a nice shape to use.(2k zipped)


This is a CorelDRAW 11 script file for plotting airfoil files. Reads .afl and .dat files.(2k zipped)

This is a .jpg schematic of the Futaba ZAP Transmitter battery magazine. It shows the battery, diode and connectors.

This is a clearer picture of my paint jig, this time in Corel 8. Zipped, 16k.

Replacement parts for IVAN's MAGIC GADGET. This is a handy protractor device for alignment of control surface throw. Originally produced by Gator R/C, it has been discontinued for several years. Includes replacement meter scale and aircraft log sheets. If you're not familiar with how to use this, a pointer is temporarily attached to each control surface with the pointer end five inches from the hinge line. Five inches is the distance between the two red arrows on the meter scale. The meter face is mounted to a plate that is in turn connected to an articulated stand adjusted so that control center is at zero degrees. The red arc on the meter face corresponds to the five inch distance from the hinge line, and thus pointer end. Zipped CorelDRAW9 and JPG, 932K.

Dave Brown RC Flight Simulator Joystic schematic.. Zipped, 8k.

This is my rendition of the schematic for the Radio South PRO DRIVER. I doubt there's enough information here to build one. And who'd want to bother? They're too cheap to buy. Anyway, this is presented here in case you're curious or live out in the sticks somewhere and need to do your own repairs. Both versions are in the zip in both CorelDRAW and Windows metafile (.wmf) (186k zipped)

Not Coreldraw. Zip of photos and tracings of Guillows #3 C/L trainer. Drawings in Visio.(1.6M)

Here’s a nice rain protector for your transmitter. Constructed from a sheet of thin flexible plastic sheet, preferably clear like canopy material. Use at your own risk! Windows metafile (.wmf) (2.2k zipped)



Your inputs welcome. Got any photos of your pattern ship?
Send them in!

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