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Feb 18, 1702: Dreamed this morning I was in a large workshop with tools, a forge, and gun parts scattered on a bench. I was examining a gun with a number of barrels welded together. I was trying to arrive at a method of firing the barrels in sequence. Juan was standing to one side and behind me. He pointed to an iron wheel with a handle and said something I did not catch because at this moment Clinch Todd came off his watch and awakened me, grumbling that we had ejaculated all over his blankets.
The wind has fallen and we are moving now at a few knots an hour. 


Bill takes aim. (54k)
Guarding the porch. (75k)
Firearms can be dangerous. (100k)
Brion Gysin. (18k)
210 Center St,NY,1965. (34k)
Burroughs, Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Carl Solomon.(52k)

.WAV files

New and Weird. (20k)
Trillions of years ago... (143k)
Hey-I'm talking to you! (29k)
Technology is not meant to confuse... (96k)

Want to hear more of Bill's voice? He plays a character in the CD-ROM game "The Dark Eye" by Inscape.

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