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“God made the lesser light to rule the night...Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array” (Genesis 1:16 & 2:1).

The mighty Grand Canyon, created by God’s own hands.

A mule train with human passengers coming out of the Canyon on the South Kaibab Trail.

The author is an avid mountain hiker, and frequently
treks the Grand Canyon (1997 photo).

[Please don’t overlook “Evidence Of A Worldwide Flood” below.]

Evolutionary Fantasy
That’s right, it ain’t true that the Grand Canyon was cut out by the Colorado River over a period of millions of years. The claim is evolutionary fantasy, and its promoters merely theorize. Millions of you have been deceived into accepting this theory as fact, when in truth there exists no heavy-duty evidence to authenticate it.

Allow me to tell you why I take this position. It takes only a little bit of logic. The Nile River in Egypt is as old as the Colorado River, perhaps even older. If age and continual flow are the key factors, why hasn’t the Nile River cut out a canyon as awesome, or at least similar to, the Grand Canyon? Then there’s the Mississippi, the Ohio, the Rio Grande, and many other old waterways. Why haven’t they hewed out canyons? Well, why?

The answer is obvious. Time and continual flow have little if anything to do with canyons whose walls are sheer rock, like the Grand Canyon. And we’ll even allow for a little erosion along the way. That still doesn’t cut it, however. For if erosion carved out the Grand Canyon, why hasn’t erosion carved out other old waterways, thus forming canyons of them? Age and continual flow have little to do with canyons whose walls are compacted rock.

The Canyon’s Inner Gorges
If you have ever hiked the Canyon, you have observed, as I have, thousands of inner gorges—all solid rock. Many of them are as deep and as high as the Canyon itself. Now tell me:

If the Colorado River is responsible for carving out the Grand Canyon, how did the inner gorges develop?

The great Colorado could not have shaped them. The raging billows of the river would have by-passed them. I can see the river’s back flow pervading the gorges at one time, at least fractionally, but carving them out? No way! And I’m allowing for a small fraction of erosion in the process. Erosion, however, is not the author of the inner gorges, or of the Canyon itself. We must look for a greater source than erosion.

I have hiked the Grand Canyon a number of times, all the way to the floor and back. In 1993, I hiked to the floor and back the same day, the most difficult task I have ever experienced—even though I was in excellent physical condition. Of all my Canyon excursions, I have never once viewed any evidence that the Colorado River is responsible for carving out such an awesome gully. I have seen, however, layer upon layer of solidified sediment, one placed upon the other, caused by a violent revolution of the Earth, when a global catastrophe in the form of a flood occurred—such as the one described in Noah’s day (Genesis, chapters 6-8).

“All the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. And rain fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights” (Genesis 7:11-12).

Vertically Inlaid Sediments
During the Summer of 2000, my two sons, a grandson, and I hiked the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim. We hiked out on the 14-mile North Kaibab Trail. Usually, layer upon layer of solidified sediment form the Canyon’s sheer walls. On our trek this time, we saw unique rock formations we had not seen previously. Instead of horizontal layers of solidified sediment that are found throughout the Canyon, we observed many solidified sediments that are vertically inlaid. We also noticed that the major rock formations had vertical sheer markings rather than diagonal as you would expect from a flowing river. I wondered to myself: How do evolutionists and atheists explain this aside from a violent revolution of the Earth, “when all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of heaven were opened, and rain fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights”? (Genesis 7:11-12).

A Geological Fact
Consequently, it seems the sedimentary layers of the Grand Canyon were deposited by the violent upheaval of the global flood in Noah’s day. When we ponder the geological fact that in different parts of the world, young strata—which should be at the top of rock layers—are at or toward the bottom (called “flip-flopped” or “reversed strata”), we are compelled to admit that at one time the earth experienced a spasmodic revolution or convulsion, such as the one described during the global flood of Noah’s day. But whatever happened, God was behind it. And it seemed to have come about quickly, not over a period of millions of years. On that note, I have no doubt.

Mount St. Helens vs. The Grand Canyon
Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980. Some years later, a monument scientist examined the hardrock canyon, created by the eruption, and remarked, “You’d expect a hardrock canyon to be thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years old. But this one was cut in less than a decade” (National Geographic, May, 2000). Rick Presley, a knowledgeable student of geology, says, “Pretty convincing evidence that the Grand Canyon didn’t take millions of years to form. If you can research it out, Mount St. Helens has proven to be a huge geologic laboratory that has overturned a great many uniformitarian assumptions.”

Those of you who believe the Grand Canyon was formed over a period of millions of years should re-examine your evidence by examining the canyon formed by the eruption of Mount St. Helens. (If you’re interested in viewing my material on “God’s Timetable For Creation,” click on “Creation” toward the end of this feature.)

Uplifting Of The Colorado Plateau
Geologists claim that “before the uplifting of the Colorado Plateau, the region was very low in elevation—in fact, slightly lower than sea level.” I offer no objections to this claim if we ascribe the “uplifting” to God and not stretch it out over millions of years. So, when did this “uplifting” occur? The ideal time would have been during the global flood, when the earth experienced a violent convulsion. Really, it makes little difference how we peel the orange, we discover and uncover God in the process! There’s simply no getting around it, therefore no need to fight it.

National Geographic Screws Up Again
And speaking of National Geographic, the June, 2004 issue has an intriguing feature on “Grand Canyon of the Sea,” which is located within Monterey Bay on California’s central coast. The canyon is about a hundred miles long and with water depths greater than two miles. It is similar in many ways to the Grand Canyon.

Researchers have concluded Monterey Canyon could not have been cut out by a flowing river. They attribute its creation to catastrophic events such as earthquakes or floods. Well, now, isn’t that interesting? It is even more interesting that National Geographic and these same researchers fail to ascribe the same catastrophic events to the forming of the Grand Canyon! As noted above, water flow could not have arranged the Grand Canyon. But instead catastrophic events such as earthquakes and a diversity of other geologic revolutions, when the earth experienced a spasmodic convulsion, such as the one described during the global flood in Noah’s time. The bottom line is that National Geographic’s evolutionary theories won’t float. There’s too much water on the brain!

Theoretical Evolution: A Condition Of Salvation?
Theoretical evolution is not necessarily a condition of salvation. I have many Christian brothers and sisters who have embraced the evolutionary fable, in one form or another, whether biological evolution or “old world and universe” evolution. It seems that most Christians who believe the evolutionary hoax cling to the “old world and universe” format, as opposed to believing that man evolved from the monkey family—and beyond.

The salvational issue arises when one denies that God played a role in creation and, instead, credits it to eras of evolution. This is atheism, as opposed to evolutionism. And we all know, or should know, that atheists—or the godless—are excluded from eternal salvation. Ample scripture bears this out (Job 8:11-12, Psalms 14:1). Jude wrote that certain atheistic men had “slipped in among” believers, and said their condemnation was settled long ago (Jude 4). Atheistic men are still “slipping in.” When we give them a podium or a soap box, we err.

Diversity Of Viewpoints
Needless to say, there are many suppositions relative to the formation of the Grand Canyon and age of the Earth and universe. One school of thought is that the convulsive global flood of Noah’s time formed the Grand Canyon and other smaller canyons. I subscribed to this viewpoint long ago, believing it to be more in line and credible with heaven’s disclosures than the evolutionary conception. Another school of thought is that over a period of millions of years, the area surrounding the Grand Canyon was “uplifted,” hence forming the canyon. As I noted above:

“I offer no objections to this claim if we ascribe the ‘uplifting’ to God and not stretch it out over millions of years. So, when did this ‘uplifting’ occur? The ideal time would have been during the global flood, when the earth experienced a violent seizure.”

If we assign millions of years to the formation of the Grand Canyon, as many believers have been academically tutored to believe, we are in direct conflict with God, who announced, “For in six days the Lord made the heavens [universe] and the earth” (Exodus 20:11). There can be no doubt—except in the minds of evolutionists and atheists—but that the Lord is talking about six solar days when we contemplate that “six days” is used in the same manner as the “six days” in verse 9. “Six days you shall labor and do all your work,” God told Israel.

My point is elementary, not encumbered with an array of humanistic rhetoric. If the “six days” of creation (v. 11) can be stretched out over a period of millions and billions of years, so may the “six days” the children of Israel were to labor (v. 9). I’ve checked the Hebrew text, and “six days” in both verses are used uniformly.

Physics Major Or God? Which?
When I submitted this logic to one of my readers, a physics major, she accepted the six days of labor as solar days but rejected the six days of creation as solar days. This translates into a distortion of heaven’s message and disavows rational biblical hermeneutics. Is this not the history of many, perhaps even most, evolutionists? They fabricate a deduction, and then fit everything into that deduction—regardless of evidence.

In truth, this reader has rejected God in favor of her academic education. Physics tells her the Earth and universe are many millions of years old. It makes little or no difference what God says. It is sad that other evolutionists as well misrepresent heaven’s testimony to fit into their humanistic and academic deductions.

The Lord Speaks Again
The Lord spoke again about six days, when he reminded Israel, “For six days, work is to be done.” Two verses down, without changing the mode of computation, the Lord reminded them that “in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth” (Exodus 31:15-17). There is absolutely no hint that the configuration of time changed from “six days of work” to “six days of creation.” The Hebrew text confirms this truth.

But here’s another rampant inconsistency on the part of Christian evolutionists. Wherever “six days” are used in scripture, in both the old and new covenant writings, they accept them as six solar days, except—I repeat, except—when six days are mentioned in conjunction with creation. This is where the distortion begins. To me, this boils down to intellectual dishonesty.

If I’m correct in my assessments, and if the biblical texts in Exodus are translated accurately, and they are, the evolutionary theory is bunk, poppycock, baloney, hogwash, nonsense. I think I’ll buy into reality, not drift into the realm of illusions.

Evidence Of A Worldwide Flood

Some time ago, I read a statement in a Letter to the Editor of a newspaper that asserted “the fossil record does not support a worldwide flood.” Nothing could be more separated from the truth. There is both internal and external evidence of a global flood. The internal confirmation is recorded in Genesis, chapters 6-8. As to external evidence, I suggest someone explain why fossils of land and sea life are frequently found mingled together in the same rock, and why the remains of whales and other sea monsters, small and great, are found far removed from the sea and even on mountaintops. How did they get there, if there was no universal catastrophe in the likes of a global flood?

Traditions pertaining to a worldwide deluge are found among nearly all the nations and tribes of the human family, including some tribes of the American Indians. Even among the ancient inhabitants of India is found some trace of a worldwide flood tradition that destroyed mankind and left but a few survivors. It is only natural that the memory of such an event was rehearsed in the ears of the children of the survivors again and again.

Until about 100 years ago, the historical fact of the Flood was universally accepted, even by men of science. Then arose the humanist doctrines of uniformitarianism and Darwinism. The Flood didn’t fit into these systems, so it was rejected. But not by everyone—only by agnostics, evolutionists, and the ill-informed.

If the Flood created the Grand Canyon, why didn’t the same flood form canyons where other waterways are located?

It is evident the cataclysm linked to the Great Flood did not reshape the entire Earth the same way. Some canyons were formed, others were probably covered over. The frightful upheaval that accompanied this universal flood is thought to have changed the earth’s surface, thus creating the Grand Canyon and many smaller canyons. And this transpired only a few thousand years ago. This option is more plausible than the former. The first option, consisting of millions of years, is highly suspect and lacking evidence. Anyway, think about it—seriously.

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