Resources Page
Below are a list of links, information and valuable resources we have found over the past few years.  We are always looking for other great glass pages.  (no sales pages please)  If you know of a place that should be added to this list, please email us.
One of the more common questions we are asked is "Where can I have my glassware cleaned?  How can I fix a chip?"  Here is a link for a long listing of glass grinders by area.  
Who Made It?
Glassware comes in many shapes, sizes and colors.  Some bearing signatures, some not.  Some signatures are names of the artist or firm which produced the item...some are not so easy to ID.  Symbols, abbreviations, figures...How can you figure out who made that lovely vase Aunt Margie left you?  We found this site filled with hundreds of glass marks to be one of the best ID reference pages on the 'net.  Click Here!
Glass Collections
Looking for a glass museum in your area? Click here
Reproductions:  A terrible word in the collecting field but one we are faced with daily.  Stop by this site to learn more about fakes, and how to spot them.