Under Construction- Ranch to Colonial Conversion.

Part 2: Framing and Stairs

dust covers

So in preparation for the deluge, I went a little wild with dust covers- but they did in fact work well at keeping the kitchen habitable and the furniture clean.

hall and wall

And here's the 'before' picture of the hall and wall of the living room. Behind this wall is the spare room, destined to become a dining area.

walls torn out

And here it is with the walls torn out! You can see the length of the house at the moment. We hadn't originally planned to tear out the bedroom wall as well, but as it turned out, we needed 4 more inches exactly where that wall was located. The stairs turned out to be a major hassle. We couldn't put in the right-angle turn we originally conceived due to structural issues, and had to really sharpen our pencils to fit a stair built to code in a single span. The single stringer is tacked up to show the location and orientation of the stair.

windows covered with plastic

Here, they've sealed the window openings with plastic for the weekend, as the windows hadn't arrived yet.

windows installed

And there are the windows that are now installed! All of the rectangular windows are here but we're still waiting for the round-top for the west end of the house.

back view

And here's the back view with windows.

east end with siding

Siding begins.

east end with siding

More siding

front with siding

The front siding is completed.

back windows

Closer shot of the back windows.

rough stairs

Finally they put in the stairs and break through the floor

cellar door clearance

The cellar door clears the new staircase with inches to spare.


At last we can go "upstairs"!


The chimney ends in the middle of the new space. Fortunately, there was enough ventilation that we could keep running the furnace. Weeks without hot water would not have been fun! Also fortunately, it was warm enough that heat was no longer needed.


More upstairs shots.


On this shot, you can see the framing for the roundtop window, which hasn't arrived yet.

west end of house with round window

I got the first view of the new window as I got home from work.

interior of round window

We start to get our first idea of what the west wall will look like from the inside.

west end of house with round window and siding

As soon as the last window was in, the siding could be finished.

interior framing

With all the windows in, we could lay out the interior and the contractor started the framing.


Framing around the stair opening.


Because the stair was in line with one of the front windows, we had the contractor put in two stepped platforms over the stairwell. This allowed more light from the front windows into the room, and the flat spaces can be used for storage.

closet framing

Opposite the stairs, we put in a big double sided closet with access from both the library and the sewing room. This replaces the two closets we lost downstairs when we tore out the front room.

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