So I had to do a web page for the house construction- how geeky is that?

A Ranch to Colonial Conversion.

thumbnail of ranch before construction

The First Week:

A huge amount got done the first week- from the roof being ripped off, to the place being weathertight was only four days.

thumbnail wiring

Framing and Stairs:

Stairs were exciting- both challenging to fit and because once they were up, we could walk around in the new space.

thumbnail wiring

The Boring Bits:

Electricity and insulation, chimneys and drywall. All the stuff that isn't visible - or we don't think about (so long as it works!) when the house is done.

thumbnail painting/staining/doors


Paint, stain and finish carpentry. The stairs deserve an entire page of their own based on the amount of work they were. JT must have spent 50 hours on the treads and spindles. I did the wall-side handrail, mounted the newel and did a small amount of the baseboard work.


The Bookcase Manufactory- the cool stuff!:

Once the city signed off on the functional bits (stairs, fire alarms etc), we got the bookcase manufacturing effort into high gear. And started unpacking boxes. And yea verily I say, woot!


Home, home at last:

While there's still a certain amount of finish work still underway, the main part of the project is complete.

contractor office

Roll Credits: (Under Construction!)

And if you're wondering who made all this happen, take a look here for a few words about the contractors and subcontractors (and us!) who made this a reality.