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January 18, 2006 Hi.

I just wanted to let anyone know, who might stumble on these pages, that they're probably far more outdated than they should be. I wrote this stuff a long time ago. Would you believe that I wrote this almost 5 years ago? Hard to believe. The age probably shows.

Back when I first started up this site, I was heavy into 40k. It was the one thing I could fall back on while getting through college, and I looked up to a lot of folks. Tiger Raja over at The Jungle being one of them. Sorry I didn't post a link there, but I'm writing this the best I can by hand. But go look him up. He's still the best of the best, in my book.

But what about the W&R@A? Well, like I said, this whole thing got started, with me wanting to help out others, to give new Space Wolf players some guidance SORELY needed back in the beginnings of 3rd edition. I was playing back then, and while I didn't have much luck with my own knowledge, others did. I passed that knowledge to them on forums, like the Bolter and Chainsword, and before that, The Millenium Gate. I learned a lot, and I passed that knowledge to others. I gave back to them. And then I got sick of telling others the same thing over again. And thats when the Space Wolf Guide was first born. It wasn't pretty, but it was mine. And then others asked for more, and more. And so I eventually converted it to HTML.

That became the guide it is now. After a few revisions in look but otherwise it was the same. Sure, GW took some of the joys and toys out of my guide. Heh. I still claim to be the first to publish the Infiltrating Terminator tactic to the web. Hehehe. Ah, but still, the problem was, by then, I wasn't playing as much as I had been.

Work demanded my attention. Lots of attention. Funny how the guide was originally written during work, when I had a few minutes here and there. And yet things got busier, and I wasn't enjoying the game as much. All my old friends were gone. I had long since moved to another town, and the competition in Jacksonville was pretty demanding. And on top of that, the desire to paint wasn't there anymore. By that time, I was painting Tau. They were cool, they were new, and they were something for me to keep my interest in the hobby.

It failed in the end, but it was a good try. There was just no reason for me to continue in the end. The one 40k event I could look forward to in Greenville, SC was the only thing keeping me going at that point, and that just wasn't enough to make me want to continue. Sure, I stayed on at the Bolter & Chainsword forum as a SW Moderator for year or so more, but even that got more tiring for me to visit with any frequency. It was just another 'job' for me to do. And so I eventually gave up my position there as well.

And now, its a few years later. 4th edition is here, and no SW codex in sight for the near future. I wanted to make the guide into a PDF for others, but alas, thats one more 'job' I can procrastinate on, and eventually forget about. So, I came back here, to write this. Some day, I'll put the 3rd Edition Guide up, in PDF form, and clear out everything else. Just the guide. Nothing else. It'll probably be the last thing I ever do with this site. I guess its a sad idea I never wanted to think about, until I was sitting here writing this. The end of the Wolf and Rabbit.

Oh, yeah, if you want to contact me... uh... I sort of voided out all the links to my email address. Sorry, but I've been dealing with too much spam. This update was actually meant to take care of any other spammers who might grab my email address. Still, if you need to contact me, you can email me at

Anyways, I should go. I've taken up more than enough time here as is. And good luck to all you Space Wolf players who've stumbled across a piece of history.
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