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Ready to explore the secret world of Atari 2600 Mountain King?

The following screen shots, taken from several different Mountain King sessions, provide a very basic tour of the secret world. Many thanks to Tony for the guidance provided on his web site (which I recommend visiting for more information about this area).

(Console/TV photos follow; emulator "screen captures" have been removed.)

Shot 1: Start in this position on the mountain's smaller summit. Long-jump to the upper left. You need to bounce off of the left edge of the level above you. If you bounce off of the middle you won't make it to the secret area, so try again.


Shot 2: After bouncing, continue to hold the joystick in the upper-left position. You should skip off of the peak where the perpetual flame is located. You will continue to soar higher until you see four red platforms. Let go of the joystick at the right time to land on the lower right platform, as shown below.

Step 2: Bounce here.


Shot 3: From the last position, jump to the red platform on your left and then long-jump to the blue ladder that you see in the picture below. Welcome to the secret area. Weird things happen here, such as these extra-wide ladders.


Shot 4: Climb higher and this is what you will see.


Shot 5: Work your way left and you may discover this tall ladder. Be warned however; when you climb to the top the whole thing will disappear, causing you to fall down and out of the secret area!


Shot 6: If you can continue to work your way left you will encounter the two entities that you see in the upper portion of the screen below. Their shape changes as you move left/right. When you reach this point in the secret area the timer goes crazy, ultimately leaving you with more time to play.


Shot 7: Still further to the left you will find the layout below. In this picture the explorer has grown to at least twice his normal size. The size change happens when you climb to the level that the explorer is standing on here. If you avoid growth and continue to the left you will have circled the secret area, returning to the section where you originally climbed up.


More screen shots will be added as they become available! Please contact me (see below) if you have additional pictures!


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