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The rules herein are intended to provide specific guidelines for play in the Kennesaw Baseball Association (KBA) 7 and 8-year-old league. The rules are to be used in conjunction with Dizzy Dean organization rules, Major League Baseball rules, and KBA by-laws. Any rule interpretation not covered in this document will be covered by Dizzy Dean rules or by Major League Baseball rules.



  1. Each team shall consist of at most thirteen (12) players of which a maximum of ten (10) players at a time will play on defense. All players attending a particular game will bat in a continuous batting order. No changes to the batting order are allowed once the game begins unless (a) a player is removed from the game for any reason or (b) a player arrives late. In the event a player leaves the game, the batting order will skip to the next batter. Late players can enter a game at any time and will be inserted at the end of the original batting order. No automatic outs will be assessed for missing players.
  2. No player will sit out of any game defensively for two (2) consecutive innings.
  3. Defensive players at the catcher’s position are required to wear a catcher’s helmet with facemask or a batting helmet with a facemask; use of a chest protector is recommended but not required.
  4. All batters and base runners must wear a helmet with facemask and may not remove their helmet at any time while on the field of play.
  5. A team must field at least eight (8) players to start a game. Any team with less than eight (8) players for any game may use T- Ball players or other seven (7) year-old Pinto players.  Replacement players must play in the outfield (beginning in right field and then moving left if more than one substitute is used) and must bat at the end of the batting order. Up to three (3) replacement players may be used. Replacement players will be removed from the game if a team’s player arrives during the game.  This player will bat in the replacement player’s position in the order. 
  6. Any team failing to field at least eight (8) player's to start a game or any time during a game falls below eight (8) players will result in forfeiture of the game for that team.  A team has until ten (10) minutes after the planned game time to field a team. If a legal team cannot be fielded after this time, the game will be forfeited. In the event that neither team is able to field a team with the appropriate number of players, the game will be recorded a loss for both teams.
  7. Games will last six (6) innings or the specified time limit. Game time limits will be 1 hr. 20 minutes. Any inning started before the time limit expires will be allowed to finish. If a game is tied after six (6) innings of play and the time limit has not expired, extra innings are permitted. If time expires and the game is still tied at the end of the current inning, the game will end and be declared a tie.
  8. A half inning will be completed when the team up to bat has scored five (5) runs or the team in the field has made three (3) outs. This five (5) run rule applies with the exception of a home run hit over the fence in which case all runs will count even though it will exceed the five (5) run rule.  Teams will have two minutes to assume their defensive positions.
  9. All games will be played for six (6) innings (provided that time limit has not expired) or until one team is mathematically unable to come back to at least tie the score.
  10. All players will be expected to wear their league issued uniform during games (cap, shirt, pants, and socks). 
  11. Jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, watches, earrings and hat pins are prohibited for all players (girls and boys).  Coaches will be reminded of this rule during the pre-game conference with the umpire.  Players will be removed from the game until they comply with this rule.  No penalty will be assessed against the team.  If the offending player is batting when he/she is removed from the game, that position will be skipped in the order.  Medic alert items are the only exception.
  12. There will be no food permitted in the dugouts.  Chewing gum and sunflower seeds are allowed.
  13. All players, coaches, parents, and other spectators, when involved with Kennesaw Baseball Association are expected to uphold high standards of conduct and sportsmanship. Failure to do so may result in suspension from play for specific periods of time at the discretion of league director and the KBA Board of Directors.
  14. Any manager or coach who for any reason is ejected from a game will sit out for at least one game (mandatory). They will also be required to come before the Board of Directors for an interview about the incident.
  15. No spectator (including parents) shall be allowed on the field at any time during the game without the umpire’s approval.
  16. All managers and coaches are strictly prohibited from the use of profanity, alcohol, or tobacco products (smoke or smokeless) during coaching activities involving players.




1.      A play is considered to be over when the umpire says it is over – there will be no arguing this point.

2.      On-deck batters are to situate themselves as follows:

a.      Right-handed batter at the plate – use the third-base side on-deck circle

b.      Left-handed batter at the plate – use the first-base side on-deck circle

3.      The coach pitcher must leave fair territory as soon as practical after a ball is put into play; his first priority after that is to pick up hitter’s bat and then to protect any player (on-deck batter, scoring base runner(s), etc.) from harm or interfering in a live ball play.

4.      Teams are to vacate their dugout as soon as possible after their game is complete to allow the next game to proceed.  The dugout should be cleaned of cups, bottles, paper, and other debris before it is turned over to the next team or at the end of the day.

5.      The league will supply each dugout with one (1) chest protector that must be worn by the defensive catcher.  These are to remain in the dugout for the next game.  When the final game of the day has been played, coaches are to return the chest protector to the scoreboard operator.

6.      Head coaches or their designee must verify the final score by signing the official scorecard maintained by the scoreboard operator.  A forfeited game will go in the record book as a 6-0 victory.

7.      The home team will occupy the first base dugout unless conditions make this impractical (such as during the post-season tournament when a team can play back-to-back games).

8.      The home team will supply a scoreboard operator and the visiting team will maintain the official score book.

9.      NOBODY under the age of 12 is allowed in the scoreboard operating area unless they are accompanied by his / her parent.  NO EXCEPTIONS.




1.      In order to allow as much playing time as possible, teams who cannot field the requisite eight (8) players, can, by mutual agreement, “borrow” players from the opposing team to play defensive positions in the outfield.  The “borrowed” player(s) must be replaced with another when his/her position in the batting order comes to the on-deck circle.  The team with an inadequate number of players will still forfeit the game.  Forfeited games that continue to play will do so without the benefit of an umpire.

2.      To minimize game delays, coaches are to have their defensive team ready to assume their positions as soon as the team has finished batting.

3.      Coaches are strongly encouraged to allow only water for liquid refreshment in their dugouts.  This will help the bee and yellow jacket situation that always seems to occur in the spring.


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