by rlferguson
Copyright 1998 Robert Lee Ferguson

I love bananas!

(( Those who know me best would simply say that I am "totally bananas",
but that is another j.a.t. subject for another day... :-)

I love bananas!
I know for some of you that will be a pleasant thought,
and for others it will be a thought that churns your stomach.
Let me try this one...I love banana sandwiches with mayonnaise.
Mmmm-mmm! I remember my mom making me banana sandwiches
for lunch. I would open the lunch box and blam!...that smell would
hit me. Sliced banana with a healthy portion of mayonnaise
on good ole' white bread.

Some of you may want to toss up your lunch right now, and
I am sorry, but I really love bananas. Nice ripe bananas.
Dried bananas. Sliced bananas in cereal. Banana pudding.
You know it's strange, the only banana I don't like is
banana flavored popsicles. They taste fake to me.
My wife hates bananas, but she loves those popsicles.
Strange phenomemon isn't it...

Bananas are an awesome creation that God must have enjoyed making.
Peel the outside packaging off, and in no time you are
eating an incredibly good-for-you food with no preservatives added.
It's a cool food!
You have to be careful though, because once in a while you'll peel
back a beautiful banana peel and YUK!...there is one of those black soft spots
on your beautiful banana. You couldn't tell from the outside, but man,
that banana has got some defects.

(I used to hear at lunch that there
could be worms in those soft spots,
but I honestly never witnessed
one myself!)

You can either toss the whole thing in the trash or, you can just cut away the bad part,
and still enjoy your almost-perfect completely-delicious banana.

How are you doing today? Are you going bananas?
Amazed at how fast the world can peel back your spirit,
and start eating away at you?
Got any soft, rotting spots in your peeled back spirit that only you know about...
or so you thought...
God knows...he does. And He can cut it out.
The neat thing about God is that He sees underneath our peels,
and yet he still thinks we are very good fruit. A little bruised perhaps, but still
good fruit. And besides, most of the bruises and soft spots on us are there
because of our own bad decisions, or because we needed to learn something
that would make us a better fruit later on.
Yea, God sees your bad soft spots, but He loves you anyway. And He is
ready, if you are ready, to cut away those bad soft spots and forget it
was even there. Whatever bumps, bruises, or bad spots you have, God can
make them good again. He specializes in repairing His fruit that come
to Him with their bumps and bruises.

What soft spots do you have today? What bumps or bruises do
you have hidden under your peel that need God's healing touch?
Go to Him. He is waiting for you. Go to Him, and tell Him that sometimes
it hurts so bad that you don't know how to go on...he will comfort you.
Go to Him, and tell Him that you have had this soft spot under your
peel for way to long, and that you know He can make it right..,that
He can heal the bad spots...He will heal it; He will forgive; He will forget.
He'll put the peel back in place and say,

"This is my child. Forgiven; healed; washed clean; forever!"

Go to Him.

just a thought...

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