by rlferguson
Copyright 1999 Robert Lee Ferguson

Recently, I attended a church service as a visitor.
A friend had invited me to go with him,
and this night was their first night in their new building.
It was a celebration. It was exciting. The prayer was full of passion.
The praise was full of thanksgiving. The speaking was full of conviction.
The music was full of joy. Oh, and the dancing...that's right the dancing!
The dancing was full of life! You just couldn't sit still.
Tapping your foot wasn't enough. Clapping wasn't enough. Singing wasn't enough.
Jumping up and down singing about what God has done...the dancing was full of life.

It was obvious that this church had been through a lot of hard times.
That these people had seen hard times in their families, and yet had also seen God bring them through those hard times. That their years of prayers were answered by finally having church in their own building that they knew had been given to them by God. That the blessings of God were upon them in this place, and that not too long ago they each were perhaps apart from God, but in His great love He had brought them each close to Him.
Yes, the dancing was full of life.
I was in the balcony with my friends,
and from where I was standing you you could see everyone down below.

You could see everyone.
Even him. Yes, him.

In the midst of all these people praising with everything they had, He was there in the middle of it. He was probably six or seven years old. But age wasn't stopping him. He was right smack dab in the middle of the front row.
Jumping. Dancing. Singing. Smiling from ear to ear.
No, not anything was going to stop him from praising. ...not even his crutches.
Did I mention he had crutches? He held himself up with crutches.

Small ones.

I couldn't help but have big huge tears in my eyes as I watched him dance and praise.
I could just see Jesus down there dancing with him.
Smiling with him. Singing with him. To praise God...with all that you have.

How are you doing??

A church that will praise with all it has, and with all that it has been given, because no matter what they have been through, and no matter what hand they have been dealt, God is their friend and worthy of their praise!
A small boy that will praise with all that he has, and with all that he has been given, because no matter what he has been through, and no matter what hand he has been dealt, God is his friend and worthy of his praise!!

Today, no matter what you are going through and no matter what hand you have been dealt,

pick up your crutches...
pick up your cast...
pick up your illness...
pick up your broken heart...
pick up your broken spirit...
pick up your cross... and then praise God.

With everything that you have. ...because He is your friend.
He loves you!!
And He is worthy of your praise.

...just a thought.

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