easy to install
by rlferguson
Copyright 1998 Robert Lee Ferguson

The other day I tried to put a new light fixture above our kitchen sink.

(****warning to the reader: this may take a while!! :-)

For months the old light fixture above our sink did not work.
I had tried to replace the light bulb, and when I did the "thingy" that
you screw the light bulb into just fell apart. I mean it really just
disintegrated in my hands, becoming impossible and dangerous
to screw a light bulb into it. Not having the correct part to replace the
"thingy" with, I promptly put the new light bulb back where we keep them,
and left the light fixture alone. No light above the sink...for months.
But now...in the midst of trying to sell our home, my wife is finding certain
chores around the house to add to my "honey do list", and that dreaded light fixture
above the kitchen sink was next on the list. Oh, don't get me wrong. It's not a
problem with being lazy, it's more of a problem with fear.

You see, I am not very good with electricity or plumbing.
Did you hear me?

Yes, I can turn on a light switch. I can plug in my keyboards, or my
guitar and amps, to do a concert. I can change a light bulb, and even turn a
circuit breaker on and off. I can flush the toilet; do the dishes; water the lawn;
and even turn the water off at the main water switch...but trust me when I
tell you, that if you need something rewired, or a ceiling fan installed,
or a garbage disposal replaced, or a light fixture above your kitchen sink fixed...
I am the last person on this earth that you should call.
I am a musician, a songwriter, a sound designer, and a pretty good husband
and dad, but I am not an electrician, nor am I a plumber.
...but still, I AM the man around the house, (and without the extra funds to call
a professional,) the light fixture above the kitchen sink was next on the list...

(somebody play the JAWS theme now...)

Looking up into the light fixture from the ground, I surveyed the part, and
left for the home supply store with a picture in my mind of what I thought I needed.
I returned home, took the fixture out of the ceiling, and discovered that the
the part I had bought would not work with my light fixture at all.
I returned to the home supply store, and against all of my "man-of-the-house-instincts",
I actually asked for help from a nice man who told me that, "your light fixture is too
old to find a part to replace it, and I suggest that you install a brand new light fixture."
I took his directions to that particular aisle, and picked out a nice light fixture that
I knew would work just fine above our kitchen sink.
Oh, and by the way, on the side of the box it said, "Easy to install." That's what I like to hear!
I returned home; gathered my tools; read the directions; and began my "easy to install'
light fixture above my kitchen sink.
OK, let's cut to the chase...for the next 2 hours I tried everything to get that light fixture
to work. I took the old light fixture out of the ceiling. I followed the directions. I tried nailing,
and trimming, and screwing, and stuffing putty, and glue, and anything else that I thought would make that light fixture stay in my ceiling, but it would not be. That "easy to install" light fixture
was not going to stay in the ceiling. The hole in my ceiling was now too large,
and I had pretty much destroyed some of the new light fixture parts beyond recognition.
So at the advice and encouragement from my wife, mother, sister, and a good Christian friend
that just happened to be the audience for this blessed event...I decided
to return to the home supply store, beg forgiveness for killing this particular light fixture,
and exchange it for a larger one.
My mother actually accompanied me on this return visit, and we had one of those
mother-son talks:

"You know your father wasn't always good at things around the house.
He actually put a sander through our wall three times in one day.
You hang in there, and just keep trying."

(( I am going to be honest here folks. My dad built a house from the foundation to the
shingles. He wired it. He installed the plumbing. He did the wood work...he built a whole house!
If I ever saw him hit his hand with a hammer, I don't remember. I never saw the holes in
our wall from the sander. When it came to repairing, fixing, and installing...he was the man!! ))

Well, we found a bigger light fixture that also said, "Easy to install", but this time we
pulled out all the parts, to make sure that this thing would stay in my ceiling. All looked good.
We returned home, and I again, set out to "easy to install" the light fixture.
Two hours later, I hit the circuit breaker, and walked timidly to the kitchen; turned the
light switch on, and presto, (...just in time for dinner...), we had light above our kitchen sink again.

Just for the record, here is my handyman resume:


 attempted chore total time to fix
1990  ceiling fan  all day, and into the night.
1995  garbage disposal  half a day, and four return trips to the store.
1992  bathroom sink pipes  all day, and five return trips to the store.
1998  oil change  one hour. (not bad actually!)
1998  new light above kitchen sink  five hours, and three trips to the store.
1990  new toilet installed  don't even ask...

At the end of the day, after all the frustration, and messing up, and returning to the
store, and wanting to just quit...we have a new light above our kitchen sink. It's a nice
light. It works. I didn't burn the house down. I didn't fry myself with electricity.
We don't have a permanent hole above our sink. I installed a light above our kitchen sink.
It wasn't "easy to install".
It took me 5 hours, where others could have done it in 5 minutes, but I did it...
...and it works!

How are you doing today? Are you frustrated? Are you ready to quit, because what you
thought would be easy, has turned out to be very tough indeed. Are you a Christian that misread
the fine print on your "Being a Christian" card. You thought it said, "easy to intall", but what it said was, "not easy at all"!
No, life is not easy. Following Jesus is not easy. Never has been; never will be.
The world will throw all kinds of things at you.
Replacing the Light in a broken old soul is a tough task indeed.
Takes the right Tools. Takes a lot of patience. Takes a few return visits
to the "Jesus supply store" to get straightened out. Oh, but once the Light is on,
you'll see that it was more than worth it!

You see when it came to fixing things around the house, my dad was the man.
I can't compete, but I do try my best, and at the end of the day I have fixed what was broken.
When it comes to fixing your spirit, Jesus is the Man!! We can't compete.
Only He can turn the Light on in your life. Only He can fix the broken light in your life.
Only He can heal your hurts, and understand your pain. Return to Him today...
Bring Him the broken parts, and He will gladly exchange them for new ones.

Let Him fix the Light in the room of your life that has been dark for too long!!


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