freeze frame
by rlferguson

c 1998 Robert Lee Ferguson

(There are some moments in your life
that will forever be a glossy picture on your heart. )

The two of them were just floating there.
For a moment under the warm summer breeze, time would stand still.
Perhaps this moment would not pass, and they could float there forever.
It was a particularly special moment to witness. We did not have any film
in the camera so we just stood there and watched,
and let the moment make a picture on our hearts.
Their shirts and shoes were off and they were both laying back
in the small two man boat with their feet dangling just above the water.
Oars at there sides. Eyes closed. Warm sun on their faces.
And two big grins.
Best friends. Best buddies. Comrades. Adventurers.
Together they had worn out roller blades riding up and down
our neighborhood streets. Together they had found and captured many
critters, and crawling things in our yards. Together they had stayed up
late giggling about those silly things that two 7 year old boys need
to giggle about. Together they had made castles for their hamsters out
of cardboard and masking tape.
These are the times that we all wish could last forever. We've all
had a buddy somewhere along the line in our lives. These are the
people who make us laugh, and giggle, and we realize that the best times
in life are mostly shared with our best friends in life.
...but floating there in the small boat they knew deep down
that this time would pass on. That one of them would move
away to a different state. But that both of them would miss
the other very dearly. And even though no pictures
were taken, someday they both will take this memory out like a
photo from a photo album, and again enjoy the giggles,
and the joy of a best friend.

How are you doing today?

Do you have a memory of a best friend that you need to
take out, brush off, and enjoy again?
Do you have a best friend that you have lost touch with?
Maybe it's time to make a call, and share a giggle
about a time not too long ago.
Do you have a best friend that you see all the time,
but things have been strained lately, and the distance between you
is not measured in miles, but in unforgiveness?
Perhaps it's time to go to your friend and reconcile
a relationship that could be mended by an "I am sorry.",
or "I love you!"

Our lives are made up of memories made,
and little "freeze frames" saved.
Today take time to make a "freeze frame".
Go to your best friend; giggle a little; kick your feet
back in a two man boat, and let the breeze carry your cares away.
Today take some time to be with your best friend,
Because this moment will pass, today will be gone,
and tomorrow will come and go...
Take some time; make a memory; store a "freeze frame"
to forever keep in your photo album!


...just a thought.


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