Robert Lee Ferguson

**These are references and recommendations from people that know Robert,
and have either been in ministry with him, or have been ministered to by his singing and speaking.
They may be youth ministers, or youth from a church that he performed at, or did a retreat for;
or they may be friends that know him and want to help further this ministry.
We consider this a page of accountability.
If you are planning an event, and would like for Robert to be involved,
this is a place where you can come to get to know him better.**
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August 31, 1998

From: Steven Cash
General Manager-Cohutta Lodge and Conference Center
Former Youth Minister-Alpharetta First United Methodist Church

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you a letter of recommendation for Robert Ferguson,
giving you my feelings and opinions based on my friendship with him.

Robert and I have known each other for 7 years. During this time we have been in
ministry together we have become great friends. He led several retreats for our youth ministry program at
Alpharetta First United Methodist Church. He is an awesome minister to youth
and is a gifted musician. His music and his talks really speak to the young people.
He honestly cares about their needs and does what he can to help.
Robert also is a great father and husband. I love for the youth to see how devoted he is to his family.
His devotion to his family speaks greatly of his devotion to Jesus.
During the years I have known him he has helped me in my walk with
Jesus and has been a great example of a devoted Christ-like father. I highly recommend
Robert Ferguson for church retreats, special events, or even church services.
You will be blessed by his love for the Lord and sincerity in his music and speaking.

September 11, 1998

From: Shirley Goldsmith

Youth Counselor
at Alpharetta United Methodist Church

I have known Robert and his family for several years. He has spoken at our
youth retreats and has become a special part of Alpharetta. Our retreats
would not be the same without Robert. He is like family. Thru the music
that he has written he has helped me over many a crisis. Just hearing the
love that Christ has for each of us has made my walk with the Lord a whole
lot easier. Robert have been a great witness to adults as well as the youth
of Alpharetta. Not just by his words, and stories, but also by his actions.
The way he loves his wife, and all his children. Each one is special and
he let's them know that. That is what God wants is for each of us to know...
that we are special.
Robert and his family are special to my family. I know if something were
to happen and I needed assistance, whether it be spiritually or physically, I
could count on the Ferguson's to be there for my family. Robert is an
awesome father and husband, and does a lot more than most to make sure his
family is well taken care of.

September 12, 1998

From: Megan Grizzle

at Alpharetta United Methodist Church

Robert Ferguson is a wonderful guy who loves to sing and teach the word of
God. He has helped not only me, but other people to love God. His music is
outstanding, and if you ever get the chance to hear him in concert take the
opportunity and see him. He's an awesome guy and is a perfect example of
what God wants us to be.

September 15, 1998

From: Mike Mozley
Director of missionary personnel for The Mission Society.


Robert Ferguson is one of the most gifted musicians that I have ever
known. I've spent time with Jerome Olds, Third Day and The Waiting, all
of which are exceptional musicians and song writers. Robert's lyrics
and music are on a par with all of these bands and yet a thread of his
music reminds me of the heart and spirit of Keith Green. He is not a
performer but rather a passionate man with a heart for worship and
reaching today's generation with the Good News of Jesus Christ. His
music is relevant and appealing to youth and adults alike. He is both
creative and diverse in his musical ability. He can lead worship, share
the Gospel and put on a concert that will "rock the house."

Since 1990 I have seen Robert grow from a fledgling performer to a
strong man of God who worships God with all his heart, soul and mind.
He will be a blessing for any occasion, whether secular or sacred.

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