the script
by rlferguson
Copyright 1999 Robert Lee Ferguson
Inspired by: Kin Clinton

"I guess the script didn't read exactly like you
thought it would when you first started..."

Oh, how right my friend was when he included this in a
reply to one of my recent e-mails to him...

This made me think of another event that happened to me lately.
I was working on a commercial for an upcoming movie release.
The commercial was entertaining, but it did not explain the plot
of the movie, nor did it explain the characters very well.
The producer I was working with was curious to find out more
about the movie, so he pulled out a script that the movie production
company had sent him. As he began to read the script to me,
we were both perplexed. This script did not sound anything like
the movie we were doing a commercial for. He skipped ahead
about 15 pages and continued to read from the written
script. Again, we were perplexed by how different this script was
from the commercial we were producing, but we were determined
to find out more, so he again skipped ahead a few pages.
He scanned through the character names,
and the scene changes, and the plot summaries...
No luck. He skipped ahead 20 more pages, and continued reading.
Nope. Nothing close to the movie we were working on.
He flipped to the front cover, but sure enough the title of
this script was the same as the movie we were working with.
He skipped to the end, and read the ending of the story.
We were frustrated. This script gave no more clues to anything
about what this movie was about. In fact, we were even more
confused than ever. The production company had given us very few scenes
to work with to make this commercial, but still you would think
that the characters, and the scenes would appear somewhere
in the script. But, they did not. No where. We were stumped.
My producer called the movie company and left a message with
them explaining our curiosity, and to please call him back...
But first back to my e-mail reply...

"I guess the script didn't read exactly like you
thought it would when you first started..."

My life lately was not reading very clearly.
In fact, there were enough trials and tribulations to inspire a
very fine comedy/drama that could air in a good prime time slot.
The characters were changing. The scenery was unfamiliar.
The plot was like a maze with lots of turns and twists and tunnels.
Oh, how I longed to skip ahead. To examine the next chapter.
to find a clue of how my life would be one year from now;
one week from now; even one day from now...
But it would not be. I was constantly flipping to the title page and sure enough,
the title on my life was still the same,
but somehow the story was totally different than what I had expected.
I prayed and asked God to give me peace about the storyline of my life.
His answer came in the form of a scripture:

Hebrews 12:2
Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of
our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross,
scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Two things: first of all, nothing I go through can even compare to
what Jesus did for us on the cross. And second, did you notice
that name Jesus is given? Yep, that's right, Author. He is an author.
In fact, he is the author of my faith. He is the author of my life.
He is not confused by recent events. He is not bothered by plot changes.
He knows every character from inside and out.
He knows the whole story from beginning to end,
and He does not even need spel cheker to get it write. :-)
Jesus is the author of my life.
What I need to do is fix my eyes on Him, and rest assured that He is
in total control of the story of my life from title page to index.
He wrote the script.

"We sent you the wrong script!"
You see the producer I was working with was given a script
for the movie we were working on. When he got a call from the movie
company, and he explained our confusion, they asked him read to them over the phone
a portion of the script he had been sent. It did not take
many sentences before they interrupted him, and told him that they
were so sorry for sending him "THE WRONG SCRIPT!"
The script he had been sent was for a different movie, not the one we were working on.
Oh yes, the title page was right, but the actual script was for a different movie.
"We sent you the wrong script!"

How are you doing today?
Do you feel as though you have been sent the wrong script?
Do you feel as though the script of your life is not reading quite like you expected it to?
Are the characters different and the scenery unfamiliar?
Does it seem as though the title is right, but the plot is all wrong??
Well, let me encourage you to fix your eyes on Jesus.
He is the author of your life. He knows exactly where you are right now.
He is ready to turn the page. Even though He will not let you read ahead,
He will comfort you in the middle of each chapter.
Fix your eyes on Jesus, and soon you will see that the script you
are living, does, in fact, match up perfectly with the title you were given.
Fix your eyes on Jesus, He is the author and perfecter of your faith.
Your life: What a wonderful script he has written!

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