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See the Caudill cabin on the Blue Ridge Parkway
in Doughton Park at milepost marker 241

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CAUDILL FACT: The original sign placed here by the National
Park Service contained incorrect information. When Caudill
family members noticed, they requested the sign be changed. 
The NPS agreed and made the corrections.
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CAUDILL FACT: This is the only known photo of Cornelius Caudill who died in the 1916 flood.
This is a photo of our Great Grandparents Martin & Janie Caudill
with 8 of their 14 children. They built the small one room cabin
in the late 1890's and left in 1916 after the flood.
Back Row Standing: Lennie Famon Caudill - Bessie C. Hart
Left to right: Martin Caudill holding Mack, Pheobe C. Pruitt,
Janie Caudill holding Edna C. Brooks,
Cornelius Caudill, Harrison Caudill, and Lonnie Caudill.

CAUDILL FACT:  James Harrison Caudill was married three times and fathered 22 children with his first two wives which were twin sisters. It is estimated he owned over 1000 acres of land in the early 1900's.
This is our Great Great Grandfather (Martin's father)
James Harrison Caudill and family.
He also lived in Basin Cove about a mile
from Martin & Janie's cabin.
NOTE: A very young Martin standing behind his father.

CAUDILL FACT:  This small 14 x 16 foot one room cabin was built in the late 1890's. They had to raise enough food in the summer not only for themselves but to barter for other items they needed. They also had to preserve and store enough
food to survive the harsh Appalachian winters.
Larry & Phill Caudill make regular pilgrimages to the cabin.

CAUDILL FACT:  The 100+ year old log cabin was in danger of collapse. Click restorations below to see how the National Park Service came to the rescue.
Recent photo after 2001 restorations.

CAUDILL FACT: The Caudill cabin is in the clearing, 1500 feet below Wildcat Rock Overlook. The nearest town was Absher which was 8 miles away. There is NO ROAD to the cabin. You 
can only access it by a 3.5 mile footpath that crosses over the Basin Creek a dozen times.
The Caudill cabin is in the clearing 1500 feet
below Wildcat Rock Overlook. When the cabin was built
in the late 1800's, the nearest town was Absher which
was 8 miles away. There is no road to the cabin. If you
want to visit the Caudill cabin you will have to hike
the 3.5 mile footpath that crosses the Basin Creek a dozen times.

2001 Caudill Cabin Restoration

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