Early Caudill History


[1] STEPHEN CAUDILL is accepted as the progenitor of our
line of Caudill's who settled in America. He was of Scotch
descent and born about 1680, in Scotland. He came to America
about 1700.

On August 5, 1731, STEPHEN CAUDILL paid 20 shillings for a
King George II patient for 195 acres on the North Side of
Nottaway River in Old Surry County, VA which became
Brunswick and then Lunenburg County. A patent to those
people was the same as a deed is today.

He appears on the Lunemburg County Tax list for 1752 with
son James, paying two tithes. Tithables are men who are
elgible for military service.

Little is known about his wife other than her name was Mary.

He followed his sons to North Carolina.


[2] SAMPSON CAUDILL was born about 1717. Nothing more is
known of him or his descendants, other than Stephen deeded
him some land in Virginpa.
[3] JAMES CAUDILL, SR. was born about 1720, in Surry County,
VA. He married MARY YARBROUGH on 1 January 1749. He appears
on the Lunenburg County, Va tax list in 1752.

He disappeared from Lunenburg County, VA and appeared on the
Tax List for Granville, NC in 1769 and 1771. He appeared on
the Rowan County Tax List in 1778 and was listed as a
tithable in Rowan County, NC. A tithable was a male of
militaty age.

In 1784, he is listed in the Wilkes County, NC census at the
age of about 60. On 2 November 1784 he bought 140 acres from
Benjamin Morgan for 50 pounds (Wilks County, NC Deed Book A-
1. Page 452). This land was on Sandy Creek, near the Fork of
Brush creek on the Middle Fork of Roaring River. The Roaring
River splits into three streams in the northern part of
Wilkes County, NC. This split is south of the Blue Ridge

He was a minister and the minutes of the Old Roaring River
Baptist Church list he and his wife as members in the
1780's to 1800's. He died in North Carolina and is probably
buried in Wilkes County, NC..

Military records and tax list of the 1700's in Wilkes
County, NC have been lost from the court house, but a
General Lenoir obtained from the recorder, certified
copies of military recruitment records, soldiers payments
and etc. This information is now housed at Chapel Hill,
NC. From these unpublished documents and other papers, it
is believed but unprovern that James Caudill, Sr. had at
least 10 children.


[4] JOHN CAUDILL was born about 1751 in Lunenburg County, Va.

[5] JAMES CAUDILL, JR was born about 1753, in Lunenberg
County, VA. He died 30 May 1840 in Perry (now Letcher)
County, KY. It is told that it was his dying wish to be
buried on his own land which was on Rockhouse Creek, just
off present KY State Highway Route 7, near Blackey, Letcher
County, KY. He did not want his dust to mingle with
another's soil. A Kentucky Highway Historical Marker
honoring this Revoluationary War Soldier has been erected on
Kentucky Route 7, near the cemetery where his grave is
marked with an aged stone and an American Flag flies daily
in his respect. The sign reads "James Caudill, born in
Virginia in 1753, first came to Big Cowan Creek in 1781.
Because of Indians, he took his family back to North
Carolina. Returning here in 1792 with his family. he built
a cabin, stayed several years, went back to North Carolina.
They settled here permanently in 1811. He was progentitor to
a large widespread mountain family.

He married MARY ADAMS who is said to be a twin sister of
SARAH ADAMS who married his brother Stephen Caudill. He
served during the Revolutionary War in the North Carolina
Fifth Militia, under Captain Samuel Johnson, Colonel Ben
Cleveland and others. He was at the battle of Kings
Mountain, in SC, but was not involved in the fighting. After
the battle he and his brother Stephen guarded prisoners.

In his Pension Application he gave his birth place as
Lunenburg County, VA, states he was born in 1753, and served
9 months in the Revolutationary War from Wilkes County, NC.

He and his brothers, Thomas and Matthew, left Wilkes County
in 1789 to settle briefly in South Carolina. Here James,
Jr. and Thomas were included in the 1790 Pendleton District,
SC Census. Matthew seems to have missed the head count. It
is believed that he was in the household of brother Thomas
as there was a couple about his age listed in Thomas's

The 1793 tax list shows that James, Jr. was back in Wilkes
County, NC and Matthew was back in 1799.

Based on available tax lists, James Jr., a Revolutionary War
veteran, and his brother Matthew, came to Floyd (now
Letcher) County, KY between 1805 and 1810. Stephen, who was
also a Revolutationary War Soldier, remain in Wilkes County
through the 1810 Census. However Stephen arrived later that
year and was one of the organizers of the Indian Bottom
Baptist Church in 1810, and helped organize the Ovenfork
Baptist Church in Letcher County, KY in 1820.

The Indian Bottom Baptist Church is still in existence in
1992. It is located just outside of Blackey, KY on Kentucky
highway 7. It is located on a plateau on the side of the
hill with a narrow gravel road running up to it. There is a
sign on Route 7 where you go up to the church which reads
"Indian Bottom Baptist Church, established 1810, meets every
3rd Saturday and Sunday". At the Saturday meeting, the
business of the church is conducted. Their church service is
held on Sunday. Indain Bottom was the name place before the
name was changed to Blackey when they got a post office.

[6] BENJAMIN CAUIDILL was born about 1755 in Lunenburg
County, VA.

[7] THOMAS AARON CAUDILL was born about 1757 in Lunenburg
County, VA.

He first appeared in the public records of Wilkes County, NC
on the tax list in 1787. The 1790 census of the Pendleton
District of SC lists him and another couple of about the
same age in the household. This couple was probally his
brother Matthew and his wife, Sarah.

He migrated to Robertson County, TN and by 1805, was near
Franklin, (present) Simpson County, KY, and died 5 May 1848
in Simpson County, KY. His wife's name was MARY (_______).

[8] MATTHEW CAUDILL was born about 1760 in Lunenburg County,
Virginia and died in Letcher County, KY as a result of a
fall off the roof of the house.
He married SARAH WEBB who was born 8 November 1788, in North
Carolina. There is a chapter on this family.

[9] DAVID CAUDILL was born in Lunenburg County, VA.

[10] STEPHEN CAUDILL was born in 1763, in Lunenburg County,
VA. He died on 26 July 1839, near the mouth of Dry Fork
Creek, of the Kentucky River, about five miles down river
from Whitesburg, Letcher County, KY while on the way to the
grist mill with "a turn of corn". He is buried in the Watty
Caudill Cemetery near the mouth of Dry Fork Creek of the
Kentucky River, about five miles down the Kentucky River
from Whitesburg, KY.

He married (1) in Wilkes County, NC to JANE DEHART, and
married (2) to Sarah Adams. Sarah was born about 1779 and
died in Perry County, KY in October, 1842. Her father was
Benjamin Adams.

He served three terms in the Revolutationary War. He fought
with his brother James, Jr. at battle at Kings Mountain in
SC but did not see any action. He was also at the battle at
Cowpens near Spartanburg, SC .

He moved from Virginia to North Carolina in 1780 and
accumulated a great deal of land. He brought part of his
family to Floyd County, KY in 1810. He was one of the
founders of the Indian Bottom Baptist Church in 1810 in
what is now Letcher County, KY. The Indiam Bottom Church
still exists and meets every third Saturday & Sunday of the
month. The Saturday meeting is the business meeting, and
the Sunday meeting is for worship service. Indian Bottom was
the name of the location of the area until the location was
changedd to Blackie.

His will is recorded in 1828 in Perry County, KY, book B,
page 210. He left his wife, Sarah, the farm for her life
time, 2 sows, 1 pig, 2 cows, 20 hogs, 6 sheep, the farming
tools, and household utensils.

[11] WILLIAM CAUDILL was born about 1765 in Lunenburg
County, VA.

[12] JESSE CAUDILL was born about 1770 in Lunenburg County,

[13] ABNER CAUDILL was born about 1775 in Wilkes County, NC.
He remained in Wilkes County, NC when his brothers James,
Jr., Thomas and Matthew left Wilkes County about 1789 to
settle briefly in Pendleton District, SC.

He married JANE ADAMS who was born in Rowan County, NC about
1804. She was the daughter of Spencer Adams.

They both are buried in the Caudill Cemetery below the
Bethany Ford Bridge on the East side of the Roaring River.
in Wilkes County, NC.


[14] WILLIAM C CAUDILL who was born in Wilkes County, NC and
died 27 July 1880 in Letcher County, KY. He married Nancy
Craft who was born about 1874 in NC. She was the daughter
of Arch and Elizabeth (Adams) Craft.

[15] SAMPSON CAUDILL was born about 1784 in Wilkes County,
NC and died about 1863 in Cedar County, MO. About 1806 he

married ELIZABETH ADAMS who was born in Wilkes County, NC
about 1791. She was the daughter of Spencer and Nancy
(Towson) Adams.

[16] HENRY CAUDILL was born about 1785 in Wilkes County, NC
and died 18 June 1856 in Letcher County, KY. He married
Phoebe Strailer who was born about 1784 in SC.

[17] THOMAS CAUDILL was born about 1786 in Wilkes County, NC

[18] ABIGAIL CAUDILL was born about 1787 in Wilkes County,
NC and on 9 February 1785 married WILLIAM PENNINGTON who was
born about 1764.

[19] ISHAM CAUDILL was born 2 April 1789 in Wilkes County,
NC and died 18 May 1892 in Letcher County, KY. He first
married in Franklin County, GA was to Elizabeth Caudill who
is believed to be the Daughter of Benjamin Caudill, Sr. His
second marriage was to MARY MILLER.

[20] STEPHEN CAUDILL was born about 1793 and on 21 November
1833 he married ELIZABETH FIELDS.

[21] SARAH ELIZABETH CAUDILL was born about 1795 in Wilkes
County, NC and died at Ordinary, Elliott County, KY. She
married JAMES CAUDILL who was born about 1790 in GA. He died
18 July 1865 at Ordinary, Elliott County, KY. He was a son
of one of the Caudills who went to Georgina from North
Carolina in the Great Land Lottery whereby the State of
Georgia gave free land to North Carolinians who came to
Georgia and settled.


[23] JESSE P CAUDILL was born 24 April 1795 in Alleghaney
County, NC. He first married SARAH ROBERTS and second,


[24] WILLIAM CAUDILL was born about 1790 in SC. He married
(]) RACHEL JOINES in Wilkes County, NC, in 1811. (2) He
married Elizabeth (_____).

[25] SARAH CAUDILL was born between 1775/1794, probally in SC
and died before 6 November 1848. She married RICHARD
LAFFERTY in Logan County, KY on 21 December 1807.

[26] ELIZABETH CAUDILL was born between 1790/1800, probably
in SC. She married RICHARD NEELY


[28] AARON CAUDILL was born 30 April 1794 in SC and died 23
February 1837. On 6 February 1828, he married RACHEL

[29] MOSES CAUDILL was born 16 November 1796 in SC and died
1 October 1855. He married (1) POLLY STERLING WOOD on 3
September 1818 and (2) SARAH "SALLY" POND.

[30] THOMAS CAUDILL was born about 1797 in SC and married
JANE A "JENNIE" CAUDILL on 12 December 1816 in Floyd County
KY. They were first cousins. They settled in the Riceville
area of Johnson County, KY.

Dallas Caudill who married Josephine "Tobe" Caudill and Lena
Caudill who married William Ellis "Jack" Caudill are
descendents of this couple. They are Dallas & Lena's Great
Great Grand Parents.

[31] JAMES CAUDILL was born 16 September 1800 in SC and died
12 September 1852 in Yuba, CA. He married NANCY GOHEINE
PEEBLER on 5 January 1826. She was born about 1805 and died
15 March 1889 in Watsonville, CA.

[32] JANE CAUDILL was born 13 October 1802 in SC. She
married in Logan County, KY on 29 Sepember 1818 to THOMAS G
JONES. He was born 15 November 1790 in NC.

[33] CATHERINE CAUDILL was born 1795/1804. She married JOHN

[34] AGNES CAUDILL was born 31 August 1804 and died 23
January 1880. She married OBADIAH CHISOLM, JR on 24 February

[35] JACOB CAUDILL was born about 1811 in Logan County, KY.
He married about 1814.


[36] MARY "POLLY" CAUDILL was born about 1785 and married

[37] DAVID CAUDILL was born about 1788 and married SINA

[38] FANNIE CAUDILL married (_____) ADAMS.


[39] HENRYETTA CAUDILL was born about 1792 and died about
1850. She married GEORGE ADAMS.

[40] JOHN A CAUDILL was born 1 January 1798 in NC and died
in May, 1873. He married RACHEL CORNETT on 20 March 1824 in
Perry County, KY.

settled in Salyersville, Magoffin County, KY. He has many
descendents in Magoffin County, Ky and through out the

[42] ELIZABETH CAUDILL was born 18 June 1800 in NC and died
about 11 October 1881. She married JOHN Q BROWN who was born
in 1793 an died in 1872.

[43] NANCY CAUDILL was born about 1804. She married RANDOLPH

[44] EASTER CAUDILL was born about 1806. She married LEVI

[45] SARAH CAUDILL was born about 1809. She married MOSES

[46] LYDIA CAUDILL was born about 1811. She married

[47] JESSE B CAUDILL was born about 1814 in Wilkes County,
NC. He married (1) MARY CORNETT and (2) married "POLLY" BACK
on 4 April 1844.

[48] WATSON "OLD WATTY" CAUDILL was born 14 March 1822 and
died 5 December 1898. He married BETTY BRANHAM/SMITH.


[49] MARY "POLLY" CAUDILL was born about 1806 and died about
1850. She was married 7 December 1827 to ELI BLACKBURN who
was born about 1806 and died about 1900.

[50] THOMAS CAUDILL was born about 1810 in NC and died 2
October 1898. On 9 June 1838 he married MATILDA HOLLIWAY
who was born about 1821 in NC and died about 1898.

[51] JANE CAUDILL was born about 1817 and died about 1907.
She married a (______) McCrary.

[52] MATILDA CAUDILL was born about 1825. She married ENOCH
JOHNSON in 1845.

[53] JESSE CAUDILL was born about 1822 in NC. On 14 April
1842. He married ELIZABETH WHITLEY who was born about 1819 in NC

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