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I found the paragraph below at at the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation site.
I have linked them below. I love how they describe the
Parkway, Doughton Park, and even mention the Caudill cabin.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is the most visited unit of the National Park System with 20,000,000 visitors a year. When the Parkway was designed in the mid-thirties, the design concepts were based upon the artistic themes of American Realism prevalent in the 19th century. The Parkway itself is a totally conceived environment, literally moving the visitor “through the painting”. The Blue Ridge Parkway was one of the first nationally designated “American Scenic Highways” and was designed much like pearls on a necklace such that there was provided “parks within parks”. One such area is Doughton Park, composed of nearly 6000 acres of wilderness and backcountry preserve. The prevalent watershed area is Basin Creek with a network of trails, and stream crossings including the historic Caudill Cabin. A trail map of the Doughton Park has been provided here. The weather at this time of year (April/May) is usually cool and could be rainy with spring conditions. Spring flowers are spectacular!

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What makes the Mountains Blue? (poem)

Map to the Caudill Cabin

A Guided Tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Alleghany Chamber (great info)

Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation


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