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2001 Caudill Cabin
Restoration Project

by Lenny Caudill

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The Caudill Family Cabin Homestead was built by Martin Caudill in the late 1800's.
He lived there with his wife Janie and worked the land for about 20 years.
Several of their 14 children were born in that small one room cabin in Basin Cove.

The two photos above show the cabin before restoration.
The cabin is now over 100 years old. The chimney was leaning hard
and many of the logs were falling apart. If the chimney fell,
the cabin would be destroyed.

The National Park Service RESTORATION TEAM. These guys are amazing.
This same Team also restored the Maybry Mill to it's original
working condition, as well as many other historical sites.

Because the cabin is over three miles from the nearest road and only
accessible by footpath, the tools and materials were carried
by helicopter to the cabin site.

Then everyday they would use long ropes to descend 1500
feet from Wild Cat Rock Overlook to the cabin.
After working hard all day, they would hike 3.3 miles
along the Basin Creek to the nearest road for pickup.

What I found most impressive about these men, is they not
only use traditional materials to restore historical sites,
but they "choose" to use the original tools to repair and
rebuild these historical treasures. That is real dedication.

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