Over the Shoulder Baby Holdersm
The First Truly Natural Baby Carrier

Over the Shoulder Baby HolderTM is the most comfortable and practical carrier on the market today.

It is the most highly expert recommended baby sling. Our Over the Shoulder Baby Holder wins this position in comparison studies because of the special attention to detail and tailoring. Baby nestles securely in a universal locking system amongst cushioning and material wider than other baby slings. The best feature of this width and strength is that our sling can hold your child in a myriad of positions beyond the early infant stage to 2 to 3 years old!

The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder has many advantages other slings don't have: more padding on the sides, a gathering on the padded shoulder, flame-resistant, hypoallergenic batting, and a small nylon rod (patent pending) sewn into the tail to prevent it from slipping through the rings if worn incorrectly.

Our total price is the lowest available for this quality sling.

If you find a lower price for the same sling, let use know so we can beat it!

The suggested retail is $40, but we offer it to you for only $36.

Special price is for Internet Sales

US Shipping/handling is only $5.50


                      Multiples discounts available ....buy two or more and save even more! 

Our sling is ideal for discreet breastfeeding in public. You can nurse your child and no one will know.

When he/she falls asleep, you can remove the sling without waking the baby.

Whether nursing or not, carrying an infant close to your heart promotes bonding and intimacy.

Infants feel very secure and thrive.

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Instructional Video Available

Learn how to maximize use of your sling! Video price is refundable within 30 days.

For more info, contact ParentsPal

or phone: (770) 396-4747 (Atlanta).

The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder supports children up to 35 pounds.

The OSBH comes in three sizes to fit you!

Petite fits adults 75-120 pounds, regular is for 110-185 pounds, and large fits 160-275. The large is good if you are very tall or large chested. If you need help determining which size is best, please ask.

Send us an email to get the current fabric list in your size.


The fabrics are 100% cotton, machine washable to provide a breathable, soft environment for your child.

Our sling is designed to encourage good posture for infants.

Your baby's legs are kept together in the first few months, the head is supported

and the natural line of the spine is followed.

As well as benefiting the child, this design contributes to a better posture for the parent, who is using his or her whole body for support instead of just the shoulders or arms and hip.

Being carried in this way lays the foundation for good feelings of self-worth and sociability.

Your baby can be exposed to a variety of experiences and yet feel safe and secure in its cocoon...the womb with a view.

"Hands-free carrying" enables nurturing of your child in the best possible way

while you work or play.

Our baby carrier is receiving enthusiastic support from hospital and university pediatric departments, lactation consultants, baby authors, natural childbirth educators, fitness instructors, birthing centers and chiropractors.

Most importantly, parents rave and thank us!


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Updated July 2002