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 Bonnie Stein

          Bonnie Stein, M.Ed.

Excuse Maker or Action Taker - Which One Are You?

By Bonnie Stein, M.Ed.

“When the summer is over and it cools off – that’s when I’ll be able to exercise.” “As soon as the kids start back in school, I’ll have time to racewalk.”  “I’m working 12 hours a day; as soon as things lighten up at work I’ll get back to my walking program.”  “If I only had people to walk with – it’s too boring to exercise by myself.”

Recognize any of these excuses?  I’ve heard them and plenty more from people who are going to put fitness into their lives as soon as they get “around to it.”  If you choose to be an excuse maker, you’ll always find an excuse for why you can’t quite get around to it.

When I started teaching racewalking back in 1989 I thought that I was being helpful when I suggested solutions for anyone’s exercise excuses.  I offered ideas about what they could do with their kids so that they could racewalk, how they should set their own fitness as a priority and not work 12 hours a day, how they could fit racewalking in at a park on their way home before it gets dark.

Eventually I realized there are people who are excuse makers instead of action takers.  The action takers dropped their kids off at soccer practice and racewalked in the neighborhood instead of sitting in the stands.  The action takers skipped the cocktails, racewalked on the treadmill at the hotel while out of town on business, and then joined the group for dinner after a workout.  The action takers carried water with them, dressed properly and didn’t let the summer heat get in the way of their outdoor workouts.

The action takers always find a way.  If you’re working too many hours and think you can’t fit in your exercise, ask yourself - on your death bed, can you imagine saying, “Gee, I wish I would have worked more hours.”

If you’re not exercising regularly because of your young children – spend time with your kids outdoors.  Let them skate or bike ride while you racewalk.  Be an example for them.  You can be a loving parent and still be fit.  A few years down the road, if you don’t exercise, your kids will be on their own, and you’ll be stuck at home overweight with diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

My favorite Chinese proverb – “He who wants milk should not sit in the middle of the field waiting for the cow to back up to him.” Is there something you want in life - a better job, a more fulfilling relationship, a trimmer body, a healthier, fitter lifestyle?  Take action.  Get out now and milk some cows.

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