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Bonnie is able to relate to the personal goals of everyone who attends her classes-from the very fit and race oriented, to those just starting their own personal fitness program.  Her sincere interest in people, combined with her knowledge and excellent teaching skills have made Bonnie's Acewalker programs successful and popular.  I wish we had more Bonnie Stein's around the country.

Martin Rudow
Former US National Racewalk Coach
1996 Olympic Racewalk Chief Judge


Although I have been a walker for the past three years, I was ready to move to a higher workout level.  Racewalking has certainly met that challenge!  I'm hooked!  Racewalking is a great stress releaser, energizer, confidence booster, self-esteem improver, body shaper, and health inducer.  Who can ask for anything more?  These are changes I can live with for the rest of my life.

Susan Green
Atlanta, Georgia


Bonnie has motivated hundreds of people to begin exercising safely and has successfully introduced a mode of exercise that can be enjoyed by just about everyone.  She was so successful at our last Fit Fair that the seminar attendees wanted her to teach a racewalking class on campus in the fall!

Deborah B. Rupp, M.Ed.
Associate Director, Service
Georgia State University


The words "Thank you, Bonnie" do not begin to express my gratefulness for all you have brought into my life.  You are one of the most knowledgable and encouraging fitness instructors and coaches I have ever met!  The inspiration, reinforcement and coaching you have shared with me have been instrumental in developing an exercise program I will follow for the rest of my life.

Kathi Welch
Atlanta, Georgia


Bonnie is truly an inspiration to those who feel like exercise is only for "health nuts."  Her presentation was not only informative but also very motivating.  The staff gave rave reviews and several told me about their plans to begin a walking program incorporating the techniques Bonnie reviewed.

Liz Freeberg
Program Manager/GA Affiliate
American Heart Association


Through racewalking I was able to gain a more comprehensive walking workout.  My health has improved through lowered levels of cholesterol - all without medication!  My doctor wanted me to take medication to control the cholesterol, but I decided to take matters into my own hands and increase my workout (through racewalking) and decrease my cholesterol intake.  Thank heavens I did that!

Marilyn Johnson


Bonnie has taken teaching to a higher level.  She has done this through her preparation, organizational skills and knowledge of  racewalking, health and related fitness criteria.  These qualities would identify any successful teacher but Bonnie is also a great motivator.  She is creating racewalkers from children to septuagenarians.

Carl I. Pirkle, Ed.D.
Associate Dean
Oglethorpe University


As a former runner, I can truly say that racewalking helped me to maintain a higher level of fitness than the running.  Running just seemed to wear my body down, but walking did just the opposite.  I've never been in better shape than when racewalking.

Nannette Reilly
Roswell, Georgia


Bonnie has introduced hundreds to a healthier lifestyle through racewalking and has elevated the existing racewalking community in Atlanta to its highest level.

Perry H. Julien, D.P.M.
Sports Podiatrist
Atlanta Foot and Ankle Center


You have a very special meaning to our club members, having introduced most of us to racewalking and the benefits of living a fit lifestyle.  Your finest gift, however, has been your teaching.  As I've traveled to races all over the country, I've become aware of how well your students racewalk.  No matter their ages or fitness levels, they seem to understand the technique they are striving to emulate.  This is a testimony to your clear and concise teaching skills.

Maureen Donohue
Former President
Walking Club of Georgia


She is an outstanding example of a fitness professional.  Her skill and knowledge of racewalking is of the highest caliber.  Bonnie has a great talent for motivating and influencing others to join her sport.

Sarah-Mack Lawson
Georgia Representative for IDEA
The Association for Fitness Professionals


Bonnie's academic strengths coupled with her motivational talents have enabled her to become the premier racewalking educator/trainer in South Florida, if not the whole state.  She has turned this community on to the sport and exercise of racewalking and has been a driving force in putting people on the path to wellness.

Anthony A. Abbott, Ed.D.
The Fitness Institute
Lighthouse Point, FL

Participating in Bonnie's racewalking program has been a wonderful experience for me. Although I am not new to exercise, I have learned so much in a few short weeks. Bonnie has been an inspiration. Although I am a morning person, I look forward to her classes every Wednesday evening. Bonnie's expertise is impressive and her personal touch keeps her clients motivated. The techniques learned in her classes can be put to immediate use with positive results. I would recommend her program to every walker or would-be walker as well as to people involved in other physical activities.  The racewalking class has changed my life. I am a former runner who has been sidetracked for many years due to a back injury. I never thought I would become excited again about participating in a sport that I can pursue  for the rest of my life. At my age, I felt like giving up especially because I am now overweight. I now feel motivated and hopeful. I can't wait to take the intermediate class!

Renee Poston
Assistant Principal
Hillsborough County Schools

I really want to thank you for 2 days of racewalking lessons that far exceeded my expectations. You are so full of passion and energy for racewalking.  It made the time fly by.  I feel that I now know the correct racewalking techniques, and I also understand why they work. I enjoyed the entire visit. The hotel accommodations were wonderful, and you cannot beat the price.  Thanks again for your excitement and love of this sport. It is infectious.

Brooke Touchstone
Monroe, NY


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