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BONNIE STEIN, M.Ed., CPTS is a national  masters racewalk award winner, nationally certified Personal Trainer and racewalk instructor.  Bonnie has been named one of the top racewalking instructors in the country by Walking Magazine. Since moving to Pinellas County, Florida in 1997, Bonnie has taught racewalking to more than 8,000 people including most of the racewalkers in the Tampa Bay area. She has published more than 200 articles on walking and fitness.

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Injury Prevention
Long Walks & Marathons
Nutrition & Weight Loss
Racewalking & Fitness
Racewalking in Judged Races
Racewalking Shoes
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Injury Free Racewalking
Is Hamstring Pain Stringing You Out?
Questions to Prevent Injuries
Plantar Fasciitis
Racewalk for Your Back
Shins That Win!
Warm-up for Racewalkers


Enjoying Your Long Walk
Tips For Long Walks
Your First Half Marathon
Your Long Walk


Be a Frog Who Jumps
Excuse Maker or Action Taker?
Give Yourself the Gift of Motivation
Resolutions You Can Keep
Tricks & Tips to Fit in Your Walking Workout
What Keeps You Motivated to Racewalk?


A New Vision for Weight Loss
Be Inefficient To Lose Weight
Breakfast of Champions
Dehydration a Racewalker's Enemy
Do Racewalkers Need Amino Acid Supplements?
Low Carbohydrate Intake Equals Weight Loss?
Overdressing Burns Less Fat
Pretzels as a Snack?
The Lowdown on High Protein Diets
Two Bagels Does Not a Breakfast Make
What Racewalkers Should Drink


Are You Walking For Health or Fitness?
Are You Walking In Your Target Heart Rate Zone?
The Who's, What's and When's of Racewalking
Walk By The Numbers
Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Warm-Up For a Walker?
You Don't have To Exercise Naked to Stay Cool In Summer



Who Needs Judged Racewalks
Racing Mistakes
Racewalking Rules
Straight is Straight . . .
Straight Knees
Track Etiquette


Best Shoes for Walking
Old Shoes are Your Enemy
Tips for Selecting Walking Shoes
Walking Shoe Primer


30 Minute Workout
5 Racewalking Mistakes
Arm Yourself for Fast Walking
Easy as Riding a Bike
Gravity is Your Friend
Grocery Store Training
Indoor Workouts for Racewalkers
Pump Up Your Tires
Racewalking, The Hip Way to Walk
Want to Race Faster?
What Are Junk Miles?


Racewalking for Runners
Racewalking: The Benefits of Running Without the Pounding
The Best and Worst Exercises to Flatten Your Tummy



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