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Have Bonnie motivate your company or organization to turn their walk into a workout!



Stretching at a Racewalk Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona


 Racewalking instruction in Largo, Florida



The All Gain, No Pain Way to Be Fit


Have you always thought that exercise has to be hard to be good for you, that a workout should hurt to get results?  Did you believe your high school coach when he said, "no pain, no gain", and Jane Fonda when she said, "go for the burn?"  Bonnie Stein will change your mind about exercise.  You'll learn how to get all the benefits of exercise without any of the pain.

Rev Up Your Metabolism with Walking Techniques


The all gain, no pain exercise that's right for any age and any fitness level from the elite athlete to the person just beginning an exercise program.

The All Gain, No Pain Fitness Plan for Busy People


Bonnie will show you how you can fit a healthful lifestyle and exercise into your busy life.  You'll learn three easy steps that will let you get the most from your limited amount of exercise minutes.

Bonnie gives encouragement to the Hadassah Racewalking Clinic

Why Diets Don't Work


Bonnie explains how diets actually cause your body to store even more fat, and tells you the reason that people get fatter and fatter with every diet they go on.  You'll learn how you can be the size you want to be and have the shape you want to have without ever going on another diet.

Turn Your Walk into a Workout


Find out how you can get all the benefits of jogging without the pain.  You'll learn some beginning techniques that the Olympic Racewalkers use to give you a dynamic, fat burning, walking workout.

Increase the Health Span of Your Life Span


At the turn of the century, life expectancy was 47 years old.  Today, modern medicine is keeping alive much longer.  You have a choice in how you're going to live those extra years.

If I Had Known I would Live this Long, I would Have Taken Better Care of Myself


A new Study from Tufts University Center for Aging suggests that we have the ability to live healthfully to 120 years old.  Here's how you can use walking and a healthful eating plan to assure that those 120 years are the most productive and healthy possible.

Bonnie teaches "racewalking arms" at a Beginning Racewalking clinic in Columbus, Ohio


Keynote Address

bulletUp to one hour talk on fitness related subjects tailored to the needs of each group.


Mini Clinic

bulletIncludes a 45 minute to one hour talk on various fitness related subjects relevant to the needs of the group and a 45 minute to one hour introduction to racewalking techniques for fitness. Two hours maximum.
Bonnie at the International Fitness Institute's Annual Awards Ceremony
Boca Raton, Florida September 2004

Half Day Seminar

bulletSimilar to the Mini Clinic. Four hours maximum.


Full Day Seminar

Expanded seminar, split approximately fifty percent
classroom time and fifty percent outdoors teaching
beginning racewalking technique.


Split Days

Friday evening clinic preceding a weekend race.
Includes Saturday race participation.



bulletWellness program development. Includes research, program review, and original materials. Professional services for time spent in the office or on client's site. When traveling, there is an eight hour minimum. Project rates are available.

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