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AboutTazewell County

Quick Facts

Founded: 1799 from parts of Russell and Wythe Counties.

County Seat: Tazewell, VA; Mailing Address: 315 School St. 24651-1398; Phone (540) 988-7541

Records that are available in County Clerk's Office: Marriage, land, law, probate from 1800, Chancery from 1832, birth and death 1853-1870.

Getting to Tazewell County

Interstate 77 and Interstate 81 are good direct routes to the County seat, Tazewell.


South bound travelers on I-77 should exit at the Bluefield, WV exit just prior to the East River Mountain tunnel (this is the last exit in WV).

North bound I-77 travelers should take the first exit after passing through the East River Mountain Tunnel.

Upon leaving I-77, follow signs to intersection with US 19 & 460 (south & west) to Tazewell.


South and west bound travelers on I-81 should exit to I-77 in Wytheville, VA and follow I-77 north to Bluefield, WV. A scenic alternative to the Bluefield route would be to take Exit 64 at Rocky Gap. VA (just prior to the East River Mountain Tunnel) and follow VA 61 to Tazewell.

North and East bound travelers will find the most advantageous route to be the Abingdon, VA exit (Exit 17) and follow US 19 north through Lebanon, VA to Tazewell (about 50 miles).


Tazewell Co. topo map

Tazewell County, VA

This Southwestern Virginia County lies on the Alleghany Plateau and is characterized by its mountainous terrain. A secondary continental divide seperates the watersheds to the New River Valley and the Tennessee River Valley. The Clinch River's headwater source and the beginning of the Clinch River Valley is located a few miles east of Tazewell, the county seat. Flowing west and south from Tazewell, the Clinch joins the Holston River and forms the Tennesse River near Knoxville, TN.

The source of the Bluestone River, which runs east and north, is located a few hundred yards east of the Clinch River source. The Bluestone winds its way through Tazewell County and Mercer County, WV and joins the New River just north of Athens, WV. The fertile valleys of these rivers and their tributaries became the sites of original settlement within the County.

A primary route through the mountains for the early pioneers was the game and Indian trails along the Clearfork branch of Wolf Creek, from its juncture with the New River, into the Clinch River Valley and on to Cumberland Gap and Kentucky.

Historical Perspectives

Prior to the American Revolution, the Southwest Virginia area was a fruitful and valued hunting ground for the Cherokee Indian tribes,to the south, and the Shawnee tribes along the Ohio River. The area's abundance of wild game, which was the source of frequent skirmishes among these Indian tribes , also drew trappers from Eastern Virginia.

Original surveys and land grants were made in 1748 and the original County settlers established homesteads in the late1760's. Tazewell County was formed in 1799 from Russell and Wythe Counties. At the time of formation, the County included all or portions of the current counties of Bland County, VA, Giles County, VA, Buchanan County, VA, Mercer County, WV, McDowell County, WV, Wyoming County, WV and Logan County, WV. The county was named after Henry Tazewell, member of the Virginia House of Burgesses and later a U.S. Senator. The first Tazewell County Court was held in the house of Henry Harman, Jr. on June 12, 1800.

Early County Settlements and Settlers

1769 -1773

Abb's Valley

Iaaac BLANGY Absalom LOONEY Capt. James MOORE, Robert POAGUE

Baptist Valley

John DESKINS, Thomas MARTIN, Richard PEMBERTON, Charles and James SCAGGS



Burke's Garden


Clear Fork of Wolf Creek


The Cove


Crab Apple Orchard


Deskins Valley

Richard ONEY, Obadiah PAYNE

Head of the Clinch River

Henry, Mathias and Jacob HARMAN

Jeffersonville Area (Tazewell)

John BRADSHAW, Elisha CARY, Benjamin, Chrisley and Thomas HOUSLEY, John, Thomas and William PEERY

Locust Hill

William WYNN

Morris Knob


North Fork of the Clinch

William BUTLER, Jesse EVANS, John TAYLOR

Thompson Valley

John HENRY, James KING, Samuel MARRS, Joseph MARTIN, John and Archibald THOMPSON

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Tazewell County Resources

  • Books Providing Genealogy and History Info

  • Info on the Web About Tazewell County

  • The Tazewell County Historical Society

  • Crab Orchard Museum & Pioneer Park

  • Other Virginia Resources Online

    The Tazewell County Historical Society

    1995-1996 Officers: President, Terry W. Mullins, Vice President, Bettie Byrd St. Clair, Recording Secretary, Charlotte Puckett, Corresponding Secretary, Nancy Nash, Treasurer, Thomas Hatcher.

    The Society meets monthly, on the first Sunday at 2:30PM at the Society Headquarters (Greever House, 110 East Main St., Tazewell County). Members, guests and friends are welcomed. The Tazewell County Historical Society Newsletter is distributed quarterly to members.

    Membership in the Society is for the calender year. Dues are payable in advance to the Treasurer. Membership Dues: Annual $12.00; Lifetime (one Payment) $125.00.

    In addition, the Society has numerous books dealing with the County, Region, Genealogical Info, and Historical Data for the County. They include the following:

  • An Album of Tazewell County, Virginia
  • Another Album of Tazewell County, Virginia, Part 1
  • Another Album of Tazewell County, Virginia, Part 2
  • Still Another Album of Tazewell County, Virginia
  • Annals of Tazewell Co. 1800 to 1922 by J. N. Harman (reprint)
  • Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co., VA by Netti Schreiner-Yantis (reprint)
  • Tazewell County by Laura Leslie
  • And many more.

  • Pricing and availability of these books should be verified with the Tazewell County Historical Society. All Communications should be addressed to the Historical Society (not this Web page, which has no connection to the Society):

    Tazewell County Historical Society, P.O. Box 916, Tazewell, VA 24651.

    Crab Orchard Museum & Pioneer Park

    The location of the Museum & Park is an archeological site that has hosted humans for thousands of years and well documented evidence of Native American settlement 1200 years ago. The site was named for a wild crab apple orchard which occupied the area when first surveyed by the colonists.

    The Park features a museum which includes archeological and geological artifacts, wildlife, Native American, and early colonial settler exhibits. In addition, the Pioneer Park includes restored cabins, homesteads, blacksmith and carpenter shops from around 1800.

    If you have interests in the lifestyles of pioneer ancestors, this is a great place to visit. The setting is pastoral, surrounded by the Tazewell County mountains. Plan a picnic lunch, weather permitting!

    The Museum is a private non-profit organization and welcomes membership. For complete info and pictures, see Crab Orchard Museum & Park For more information via snail mail: Historic Crab Orchard Museum & Park, Inc., Rt. 1, Box 194, Tazewell, VA 24651-9639; Phone (540) 988-6755. Send e-mail to Crab Orchard e-mail.


    Special Note Regarding a Just published book

    The Adam Waggoner Family
    Tazewell and Montgomery Counties Virginia
    1750 - 1996
    Thomas C. Hatcher and Nancy Nash

    A complete resource for the Adam Waggoner Family and descendants. 259 pages, 8.5" X 11" paperback, includes photos, asn index to surnames; numerous other families are included:

    Kidd, Deaton, Bailey, Moore, Walker, Poague, Carter, Harman, Harrison, Shannon, Buchanan, Kirby, Kelley, Nicewander, Shrader, Tabor, Nash, Gaulding, Whitt, Perdue, Lynch, Marrs, Stafford, Day, Caskey, Lambert, Pittard, Gabor, Board, Neel, Wright, Havens, Totten, Terry, Wiley, Howe, Milam, Brooks, Baker, French, Belcher, Martin, MacFarland.

    This book can be ordered from: Nancy Nash, 634 Riverside Drive, North Tazewell, Virginia 24630, Phone: (540) 988-3291.

    Books of Interest for Tazewell County

    Burgess, Louis Aleaxander; Virginia Soldiers of 1776 (2 vols)

    Clemens, William Montgomery; Virginia Wills before 1799

    Harman, John Newton Jr; Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia;W. C. Will Publishing Co., Richmond, Va., 1922.

    Johnston, David E.; History of the Middle New River Settlements

    Kaylor & Chappelear; Abstract of Land Grants Survey 1761-1791

    Kegley, F. B.; Kegley's Virginia Frontiers

    Kegley, Mary B. & Kegley, F. B.; Early Adventurers on the Western Waters Vol I

    Kegley, Mary B.; Early Adventurers on the Western Waters Vols II & III

    Pendleton, William C.; History of Tazewell County & Southwest Virginia

    Summers, Lewis Preston; History of Southwest Virginia

    Summers, Lewis Preston; Annals of Southwest Virginia

    Torrence, Clayton; Virginia Wills and Administrations, 1632-1800: An Index of Wills Recorded in Local Courts of Virginia, 1637-1800

    Wayland, John; Virginia Valley Records

    Worrell, Anne Lowery; A Brief of Wills & Marriages in Montgomery & Fincastle Counties Virginia, 1733-1831

    Yantis, Netti Schreiner; Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell County Virginia, Springville, VA.

    Yantis, Netti Schreiner; Montgomery county Virginia, Circa 1790

    Tazewell County Online Resources

  • Bluefield Daily Telegraph

    The local area newspaper
  • The Southwest Virginia Messenger
    The Wythe County News

  • The Smyth County Messenger
    News from Smyth County, VA, a neighboring county to Wythe

  • Tiger Map of Tazewell County

    Find your favorite County place.

  • SouthwestVirginia Weather Forecasts

    What's Mother Nature doin'

  • More Info On Tazewell County

    Other online County info

  • Tourism in Tazewell County

    What to see in Tazewell County

  • More Tazewell County Tourism

    Another perspective on places to visit

  • Majesty of Burke's Garden

    An article regarding Burke's Garden

  • Info Regarding Tazewell County

  • Info Regarding the Tazewell County Historical Society

  • Bickley's History of Tazewell County

  • Southwest Blue Ridge Highlands Attractions

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    Peery Family Pioneers

    Peery Cousins Online

    Brooks Family Pioneers

    Helm's Genealogy Toolbox

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