Waggoner, Wagner, Wagoner

Adam Waggoner

Born: ?; Died: Before March, 1786, Montgomery Co., VA.

Wife:: Jane ?, Married: ?

Children: George, Jacob, Daniel, Mary Ann, Nancy, Christina, David, Rebecca, Margaret, Susannah, and Elizabeth.

Probably the immigrant ancestor. Came to Colonial Virginia from PA or Maryland in the 1750's or 1760's. Signed his will, noted below in Germann script. Selected lands on the New River in the Spring of 1769; claimed 140 acres and jointly with Samuel Ingram claimed an additional 209 acres. ®17 p.346

Wythe County, VA - Superior Court of Chancery Pleas Vol #3, pp 35-64 Hance Vs Waggoner Heirs.... Adam's will from Montgonery County, VA entered on p. 51.

Tazewell County, VA - Day vs Adam Waggoner Superior Cout Chancery Book 1 (Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia 1800-1922, Harman, p.269-270). Jacob Waggoner's will refernced noting his brothers and sisters and their children and spouses. Will notes that sisters Christina and Nancy are "half blood" sisters which indicates that Jacob's father, Adam of New River, had remarried and that Jane, noted in Adam's will probably is not the mother of Jacob and his other siblings.

Will, written 28 May 1785, recorded in Montgomery County, VA Will Book B, Page 80, names heirs as sons George, Daniel, Jacob, David, and daughters Rebekkah, Sarah, Christener, Susanna and Ann and wife Jane. Daughter Margret was not mentioned but her husband, William Day was noted as the purchaser of Jacob's inheritance land.

Robert Currin was appointed guardian of Susanna and Ann, infant children of Adam Waggoner, deceased.

Wythe County, VA Superior Court Chancery Pleas, Book 1, pp35-64 Hance vs Waggoner Heirs Filed Jul 1815 and decided 23 May 1820--- •"The suit was brought against the heirs and excutors of Adam Waggoner dceceased. According to Hance's statement Jacob Waggoner, George Waggoner, Henry Strobaugh and wife Elizabeth (formerly Waggoner), James Day and wife Rebecca (fomerly Waggoner), Jonn W. Howe and Polly his wife (formerly Waggoner), and Joseph Dun and Christina his wife(formerly Waggoner) sold their interests in the lands purchased by Stobaugh and Morgan to William Day who married Peggy Waggoner, daughter of Adam. Day and his wife then sold to Hance . John Pence who married Ann Waggoner sold his interest to James Hoge, who also sold to Hance, giving him a total of eight-thirteenths of the residuary estate.

"After repeated attempts by Hance to obtain his share in the estate from Henry Patton and the widow, who acted as excutors, he finally brought suit. Summons were issued to Jacob, George, and the widow and the children of Daniel Wagoner deceased, William Day and his wife Peggy, all residents of Tazewell County, Virginia. Elizabeth, daughter of Adam Waggoner, was the wife of Henry Stobaugh, and both he and his wife were deceased, leaving four children: Adam, John, Betsy amd Rebecca, the later being married to James McLaughlin. Polly or Mary Ann the daughter of Adam Waggoner had married John W. Howe, and Christina had married Joseph Dun, all of whom were living outside the state of Virginia in places not named. Susannah married John Martin." ®17

"As a result of the lawsuit, which came about thirty years after the death of Adam Waggoner, Henry Hance's claim was not allowed and the case was dismissed. The Waggoner lands were sold to Sebastian Wygle and became part of the Wygle estate south of the present town of Dublin (Montgomery County Deed Books C, pp13, 333; D, p.228)." ®17

SeeAdam Waggoner's Will

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George Waggoner

Born: ?; Died: about 1822 in Tazewell Co., VA.

Wife: Franky KIDD; Married:

Children: Elias, Magaret, Adam, Elizabeth, and Hiram

Info: Wythe County VA Deed Book #1, p. 215 -George purchased 78 acres on Walkers Creek from William & Elizabeth Muncy (Patent Grant) 22 Jul 1794.

Will Tazewell County, VA: Made -25 Apr 1822; Proven-25 Jun 1822 Named sons Elias, Adam, Hiram and daughters Rebekah, Elizabeth and Peggy; Named wife "Franky"®16 #1

Appraisement Tazewell County, VA: Made - 31 August 1822; Will Book #1, p. 181.


See George Waggoner's Will

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Elias Waggoner

Born: ?; Died: before Jan 1832 in Tazewell Co., VA.

Wife: Arminta NISEWANDER; Married:

Children: David, Jacob, and Adam Edward


Estate Inventoried 23 Jan 1832 in Tazewell County, VA; Will Book #1, p. 368.

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Adam Edward Wagoner

Born: 22 April 1830; Died: before 22 Jan 1888 in Tazewell Co., VA.

Wife: Juliene TABOR; Married:

Children: Paris W.,George Miles, Adam Stafford, Daniel, Joseph, James Henry, Jennie and two additional daughters.


Deed Book #14, p. 280, Tazewell County, VA

Adam purchased 196 acres at Mud Fork from W. M. Jasper & Sarah Tabor for $700. This property ajoined property of Francis TABOR.

Adam was elected a Justice of the Peace for the Clear Fork District in election on 22 May 1879 and was confirmed by June, 1879 Term of the Tazewell Co. Court for a two year term commencing on 1 July 1879.

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James Henry Wagner

Born: 9 March 1870; Died: 12 January 1942 in Tazewell Co., VA.

Wife: Cassie Ellen BELCHER; Married:

Children: Grover William, Adam Greene, Mary E. N., Mamine G., James Albert, Thomas J., Hattie G., Alice M., Frank Raleigh, Lee B., Myrtle B., Norene B.

Cassie Ellen Belcher Wagner
James Henry Wagner


Will Book #13, p312, Tazewell County, VA

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Grover William Wagner

Born: 17 May 1892; Died: 6 June 1967 in Mercer Co., WV

Wife: Jennie Be HALE; Married:

Children: James Charles and William Allen


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William Allen Wagner

Born: 30 August 1915; Died: 13 March 1985 in Hart Co. GA

Wife: Josephine FARMER; Born: 7 January, 1918, Mercer Co., WV; Died: 1 March 1979

Married:3 December 1936, Bland Co., VA

Children: Ronald Lee


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