Will of Elbert Catlett Shannon
(About 1835 - 1832)

Tazewell County, Virginia
Will Book 5, page 280 - 281

Tazewell County, Virginia

At William V. Shannon's house - June 8, 1880.

I, Elbert C. Shannon, of the county of Tazewell and State of Virginia, farmer by occupation, being of lawful age and sound mind, make this my last will. I give, devise, and bequeath my estate and property, real and personal, as follows, that is to say;

First, I give to John William Shannon, son of Joseph Shannon, my brother, my interest, which is one half of fifty acres of land bought of James A. Tiller and joining the lands of my father William V. Shannon.

Also, I give to Laura Elizabeth Shannon and Margaret Ella Shannon and Mary Virginia, also daughters of my brother Joseph Shannon, the land purchased from William T,. Moore, known as the Tiller land, lying on either side of the Fincastle and Bluestone Turnpike, being my part of the purchase of the said Tiller lands which is one half of said land.

I also request my father William V. Shannon, to make a deed to Andrew Jackson Nash to my part of the old farm on which my father now resides, as herefore set forth in my father's will.

My personal property I give to my sisters, Mary Ann Bailey and Elizabeth Nash, to be equally divided between the same to wit: except the mowing machine which is not paid for, my brother Joseph, paying for and retaining the same as his property, the said personal property being ---------------------------------------

to control our copartnership stock, to settle and pay all dues of said Copartnership business and receive any debts due said firm, and if anything remaining after all claims, dues are properly adjusted, the same to go to my sisters as above written.

I appoint Alexander St. Clair, merchant of Bluestone, Tazewell County, my executor. In witness, whereof, I have signed and sealed and published and declared this my will at the place above written.

E. C. Shannon - Seal

The said E. C. Shannon, at said place, on said day signed and sealed this instrument and published and declared the same as and for his last will, and we, at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other, have hereunto written our name as subscribing witnesses.

A. S. Huffard
R. C. Graham
A. D. Hambrick

I, E. C. Shannon, do make this codicil to my last Will and testament . Having in my said last Will and testament requested my father to convey to Andrew J. Nash my said part of the old farm which my father now resides, and my father having since conveyed to said Nash a portion of said land, I hereby ratify and confirm the said conveyance and my father also having by deed conveyed the remainder of said land to me, I hereby will and devise the said land to be divided equally divided between Joseph B. Shannon and Andrew J. Nash this the 27 of October 1881.

Witness my Hand E. C. Shannon - seal

Daniel Carter
Thomas Carter

Virginia: At Circuit Court for the County of Tazewell, continue and held at the Courthouse therein on Wednesday, May 17, 1882.

The last will and testament of . E. C. Shannon was this day produced in Court and offered for probate by Alexander St. Clair, the Executor named in said will; and A. D. Hambrick and Robert C. Graham, two subscribing witnesses thereto, came into Court, and being duly sworn, say they signed the same in the presence of the testator, who acknowledges said will and ---- of each other, they being present together; and there being a codocil annexed to said will, the same was also offered for probate.; and Daniel Carter, Jr., one of the subscribing witnesses to said codicil, came into court and being duly sworn, says the said writing here produced was signed by the testator in his presence and in the presence of Thomas Carter, the other subscribing witness to said codicil, and that they signed the said writing as witnesses in the presence of said testator, they both being present together, whereupon said will be recorded; and thereupon the said Alexander St. Clair, who together with Joseph Shannon, his surety, executed and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $100, conditioned according to law, which bond was proved sand received by the Court, took and subscribed the oath prescribed by law, and is hereby authorized to act as Executor of E. C. Shannon, deceased.

A copy - Teste:
R. Brittain D. C.

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