Will of Edward Hale

Giles County, Virginia,
Will Book 1, Pages 333-335

I, Edward Hale of Giles County and the State of Virginia do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following: to wit:

First, I desire that my executors collect the monies due me by account or otherwise and pay out of the same all my debts and funeral expenses; and the overplus to be given to my son Elias Hale to help him in the purchase of a farm if so overplus should not exceed eight hundred dollars.

Second, I desire that my wife Martha Hale, have the loan of all the Negroes during her natural life, except my mulatto girls, Chain and Winny, which I give to my daughter Polly; also, Sarah and Betty, two black girls, I give to my daughter Phoebe. I also loan to my wife all the house hold and kitchen furniture with the exception of a bed and furniture to each of my daughters, Polly and Phoebe; likewise I loan to my wife the one third part of my plantation whereon I reside, which then shall include the dwelling house and orchard which shall at her decease go to my son William, whose portion of land shall include all below the following line: Beginning at the creek and running up the water drought at the back of the apple orchard to the mouth of the first hollow on the right hand - thence up said right hand hollow to the out line of the whole tract; the balance of the tract to be equally divided between my sons Isaac and Daniel; also the land whereon my son Isaac lives together with all other joining there unto not otherwise disposed of shall be equally divided between sons Isaac and Daniel. I wish the land herein given to my sons Isaac and Daniel to be valued by disinterested men, together with the land whereon my son Charles lives, which shall be valued according to the state in which he received it, the object of this valuation is to make my son Charles, Isaac and Daniel equal to my sons Thomas and Isaiah to whom I gave eight hundred dollars when the became full age.; like wise my sons Jesse and Elias are to be equal to their elder brothers.

Third, I wish the land whereon Lindsey Davis lives to be sold within twelve months after my decease provided he should not give and pay two hundred dollars within the said twelve months.

Fourth, I wish my stock of horses and cattle to be sold immediately after my decease and the amount equally divided among my sons; my crop of tobacco now cured to be sold at the discretion of my executors and the money divided equally as above; also I wish my executors to sell all the farming utensils they may judge unnecessary to carry of the farm design in the support of my wife, Martha.

Fifth, I wish also Jesse and Daniel and William each of them to have a bed and furniture; also the crop of grain now growing, if any should remain after the support necessary to my wife and family to be sold and the money to be divided among my sons equally.

Sixth, I wish my sons and daughters who have not received their cows and calves each of them to take two cows and calves before the cattle are sold as above directed; likewise I wish my wife to have the hogs, sheep & geese, waggon & gears together with the Smith tools during her natural life.

Seventh, I desire whatever I have left to my wife and remains at her decease, such as Negroes, stock, tools and farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture be divided equally or sold and divided among my sons above named as they may agree among themselves.

Eighth, I will that each and all my children have and shall have and hold the above legacies bequeathed them for ever, them and their heirs.

Ninth, I will appoint my two sons Isaiah and Charles the executors of this my last will and testament -- signed and sealed with my hand and seal this the fourteenth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and twenty three.

Edward Hale -- Seal

Signed, sealed and declared to the last will and testament of the above named Edward Hale in presence of us:
Sandon Duncan
James French
William T. Garretson (his mark)

At Giles July Court 1823
This last will and testament of Edward Hale, deceased, was presented in Court and proven by the oaths of the witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded.

Teste: David French, CGC

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