Thomas Farmer

Born: ? Died: ?

Wife: ?Married:?

Children: Henry

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Henry Farmer

Born: ? Died: ?

Wife: ? Married:?

Children: Henry, Benjamin, William, Thomas, Josiah, John, Francis, and Peter

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Henry Farmer II

Born: before 1696Died: 1753

Wife: Sarah WARD Married: date, place

Children: Henry, William, Ann, Joel, Seth, Mary, and Ludowick

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Ludowick Farmer

Born: ? Died: 1780

Wife: Sarah CHEATHAM Married:

Children: Ludowich, Henry, Jeremiah, Thomas, Jane, Sarah, Judy Ann, and Elijah

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Jeremiah Farmer

Born: date; Died: date, place

Wife: Polly KNIGHT Married: 16 August 1788

Children: Barnett, Thompson, Elizah, Keziah, and Martha

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Barnett Farmer

Born: after 31 March 1763 Died: date, place

Wife: Elizabeth ELKINS Married: ?

Children: James C.

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James C. Farmer

Born: date; Died: date, place

Wife:Ann RUNION Married: 6 March 1818

Children: Richard, Polly, Martha Jane, Elizabeth, James H., Jemima, and Elvira

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Richard Farmer

Born: ?; Died: ?

Wife:Rachel HALSEY Married: 23 November 1845

Children: Margaret, Sthepen, John Trigg, Wade, William, and Mary Jemima

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John Trigg Farmer

Born: 31 March 1855 Died: 29 September 1923P> Wife: Virginia Ellen Bell Missouri HANCOCK Married:6 April 1876

Children: George Hoge, William Klenton, Stephen Madison, Charles Glenn, Kelley Crockett, Thomas Newton, Haven Howe, Woodie, and Mamie Brown

The John Trigg Farmer Family
(Circa 1921)

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Charles Glenn Farmer

Born: 21 November 1881, Bland Co., VA Died: 26 January 1960

Wife: Clara Ethel COVEY Married:27 December 1905, Pulaski Co. VA

Children: Trubie Cecil, Geneva, Juanita, Irene, Pauline, Josephine

Charlie & Ethel Farmer and Children (1944)
(l. to r.) Charlie, Ethel, Trubie, Juanita, Geneve, Irene, Pauline, Josephine

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Josephine Farmer

Born: 7 January 1918 Died: 1 March 1979, Mercer Co., WV

Husband: William Allen WAGNER; Married: 3 December 1936

Children: Ronald Lee Wagner

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