Will of George Waggoner

Tazewell County, Virginia
Will Book #1 , Page 88

In the name of God, Amen, I George Waggoner of the County of Tazewell & Commonwealth of Virginia, having yet a sound Mind & disposing memory (for which I thank God) bid calling to mind the uncertainty of human life & being desirous to dispose of such estate as it has been please God to bless me with.___ First, I give & bequath to my sons Elias, Adam & Highram all my lands on Kimberlands Fork in the above county to be divided as follows (to it); I give and bequath to my son Elias the lower end and of my land which is to say a straight line with the fence along the lower end of my lower field; on North West direction to the Creek, up said Creek to a marked line across said land to the old line, also five Head of cattle & two sheep & one horse & one rifle gunn, one mans saddle & four head of hogs, also a bead with its apparatasand one pot. Secondly, I give and bequeath to my son Adam the upper end of land, namely the new survey of 200 acres, and my son Adam is to have an equal miety of the property with my above son Elias. Thirdly, I give & bequeath to my son Highhram the home place namely all my land between the above mentioned lines & also an equal miety of other property with my other two sons, but it is to be understood that I give possession of the home place to my wife to have the whole use of the house as with the household & kitchen furniture, the farming utensils with all the stock of every disection whatsoever to be converted to her own use as long as she lives ---- but it is to be understood that my other two daughters that is single, namely Rebecca, Elizabeth is to have an equal miety with my daughter Peggy which is here named (to it.), two mares price $60 four head of cattle $22 and one bead with apparatus for two bed bed steads & cords, two sheep, one pot, one pail, one $18 saddle, one bridle $1.75, six plates, one dish, one set tea cups, one tea pot, sault cellar, a cream cup, three mugs & two glasses ___ I also give the use of one sughar camp with the use of the trees to my wife Franky as long as she lives --- & furthermore at the death of my wife Franky, all the movable property is to be equally divided with my daughters ___ & Lastly, I do constitute and appoint Elias Harman of Tazewell County & state aforesaid & Joshua Bruce of Wythe County & state aforesaid as Executors of this my last Will & Testament, hereby revoking all the former wills by me heretofore made ___ in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal this 25th of April 1822. ___

N. B. Furthermore an addition to what I have all ready done: if Mr Corder succeeds in getting sault, it is my last will that the profits arising from the sault on my part shall be divided equally among my children.

George Waggoner

Signed, sealed, published, & declared as the for the last Will & Testament of the above name George Waggoner

Signed in the presents of us --- attest

Hiram Neel
Michael Huttsell
Amos Thompson

In Tazewell County Court 25th of June 1822

This the last Will and Testament of George Waggoner, deceased, was exhibited in Court and duly proved by the Oaths of William Hearn, Michael Hutsell, & Amos Thompson which is ordered to be Recorded: and motion of Elias Harman & Joshua Bruce, the Executors named in the said Will who together with John Land and William Taylor, their securities, here in Court entered into and acknowledged a Bond in the penalty of $800 conditioned as the law XXXX, and took the Oath prescribed by Law, a certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate of the said Will in sure form.

Teste, J. T. Fishback, D.C.

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