R&R Electronics' Extended/Programmable Input Controller (EPIC) isn't at the forefront of technology, or even cutting edge -- it's further out in front.

It's The Bleeding Edge.

If you're looking for peripherals that redefine what's "hot" and what's not, you've come to the right place. Below are a number of products that have been modified or designed specifically for use with the EPIC1:

KR-1 Avionics Stack

Radio Stack / Avionics Panel

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Flight Link


290 Airpark Boulevard, Suite 6
Chico Municipal Airport
Chico, CA 95973
(916) 891-4987 voice
(916) 891-0405 fax








Control Panel

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Fly-It Simulators  


3042 Highland Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008

(619) 434-1940 voice
(619) 720-9916 fax





Retrofit Kits 2

R&R Electronics is currently developing retrofit kits that simplify intregration of joysticks and other devices into your system:

Thrustmaster WCS and WCS II (Instructions supplied)
Improves analog performance and makes all buttons programmable via the EPIC Programming Language (EPL). Removes keyboard and FCS cable pass-throughs.

Thrustmaster FCS and FCS Pro (Instructions supplied)
Improves analog performance and streamlines EPL programming of buttons. Converts hat switch from analog input to button input and allows for eight-way programming (on later units).

Thrustmaster FLCS (available)
Improves analog performance and streamlines EPL programming of primary hat switch, makes all hat switches and buttons programmable via EPL.

Thrustmaster TQS (available)
Improves analog performance, makes all buttons and knobs (analog pots) programmable via EPL. Can be used and programmed without the FLCS!

Future Developments

Aircraft instrument controllers
Specialized control circuitry and hardware to adapt real aircraft instruments to simulator use. Altimeter, airspeed indicator, VSI, gyro compass, manifold pressure gauges, etc.

1 R&R Electronics does not certify nor necessarily endorse any of these products.

2 Retrofit kits may void manufacturer's warranty.


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