Extended Programmable Input/Output Controller or EPIC is a USB interface card designed for computer enthusiasts, home cockpit builders, and for specialized analog/digital I/O applications.

The EPIC USB card is the heart of the EPIC System; when used with the appropriate modules, EPIC can read analog potentiometers, buttons, rotary (mechanical and optical) switches as well as drive LED’s, control motors/meters, to name a few.

Using EPIC USB’s advanced interface you can read the position values of analogs 0 to 15 in approximately 28µs.

EPIC USB also supports bi-directional command and data queuing and can generate hardware interrupts. Button events can be queued by EPIC USB until retrieved by a program, and programs can “fake” button events, initiate execution of EPL (EPIC Programming Language) procedures, and transfer data to the EPIC for autonomous processing by multiple “smart” modules.

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