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Updated 01-2014


Whats this EPIC card thing I keep hearing about? Good question. EPIC is the Extended/Programmable Input Controller from R&R Electronics. Designed for computer enthusiasts, home cockpit builders, and specialized analog/digital I/O applications.


Here is why YOU need an EPIC card. If you're frustrated with joystick cards that drift, you need an EPIC card.If you use many different types of input devices, you need an EPIC card. Calibrate your devices - once - then leave them alone. If you're building a home cockpit,


EPIC card world wide cockpit projects:

Loyd Florence Cessna: Cockpit trainer device. Includes instructor panel. Mainly running IFT-PRO communicating directly with EPIC. Motion controlled by electric/hydraulics. Position vectors sent by IFT-PRO.



Excellent technical support.

R&R Electronics provides excellent technical support to its US and Worldwide customers via internet email.
Please note: European customers should contact Thierry Magnan c/o Micro Cockpit at:


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