EPIC Manual - EPIC Developer's Manual (PDF)
Build Your Own Cockpit - Hints and tips on how to do it
Precision Flight Controls - Flight sim hardware
CSI Cockpit Simulations - EMDA wiring card, Airbus and Boeing cockpit panels
X-Plane - Laminar Research
GameSeat - Flight & motor cross motion chairs
Hans Krohn - Excellent documentation on building a simulator with EPIC components.




James Price - A must see! B737/757 flightdeck with genuine Boeing parts,five computers, and an overhead projection system.
Gene Buckle - F15C Eagle flight simulator project.
Simflight Pty Ltd - This is how you put it all together.
Loyd Florence - Cessna cockpit for a trainer. Includes instructor panel. Mainly running IFT-PRO communicating directly with EPIC. Motion controlled by electric/hydraulics. Position vectors sent by IFT-PRO.
Unisteller Industries - Virtual universe and software packages for futuristic space flight simulator enclosures (and desktop computers)
Michael Lehkamp - Motion based platform with B757-200 flight deck.
Matt Ford - 737 project using a real 737 cockpit.
Matt Wietlispach - Multi-Mission Military Flight Simulator using real parts

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