Here is why YOU need an EPIC card


If you're frustrated with joystick cards that drift, you need an EPIC. The EPIC is immune to drift.

The EPIC uses a crystal-controlled clock to calibrate input devices (joysticks, rudder pedals, steering wheels, etc.) and generate the pulse widths read by your PC. This clock is not affected by heat, the speed of your PC's main CPU, or bus speed.

If you're frustrated with joystick cards that need constant adjustment and fiddling to work "just right" in one program but then don't work worth a darn in another, you need an EPIC.

All calibration data is stored on your hard disk and is loaded into the EPIC prior to running your program(s). This calibration data can be modified as needed and, once you've found the "perfect setup" for any particular program, you can save it to a seperate configuration file.

If you use many different types of input devices, you need an EPIC.
Calibrate your devices -- once -- and then leave them alone.

If you want to program your joystick buttons to do something more than hit a few keystrokes, you need an EPIC.

The power of the EPIC Programming Language (EPL) gives you complete control over all analog and digital inputs, outputs, and translations and supports complex conditional statements, variables, flags, and multi-threaded tasks.

If you're concerned about compatibility, you need an EPIC.

The EPIC appears to any program to be a standard speed-compensating joystick card, and can modify any input device to "look like" any output device. Want to make your CH FlightStick Pro act like a Thrustmaster FCS? The EPIC can do that.

If you're building a home cockpit, you need an EPIC.

There is no other low-cost system available today that provides the expansion capabilities, analog/digital input/output control, and generic programmability of the EPIC. Nothing. None. Nada. Zip.

Anything that you can build, you can use with the EPIC. Multiple throttles? No problem. Rudder pedals with toe brakes? We have them already. Lights? Buzzers? Child's play. LED displays? Currently shipping. Speedometers? Tachmoeters? Altimeters? HSIs? We're working on it; give us a few days.

If you're a programmer, you need an EPIC. No, I mean, you really need an EPIC.

Have you ever wanted to just get rid of that ridiculous timing loop for reading the joysticks? Now you can. Using the EPIC's advanced interface you can read the position values of analogs 0 through 15 in approximately 28µs. Yes, that's right, 28 microseconds.

The EPIC also supports bidirectional command and data queueing and can generate hardware interrupts. Button events can be queued by the EPIC until retrieved by a program, and programs can "fake" button events, initiate execution of EPL procedures, and transfer data to the EPIC for autonomous processing by multiple "smart" modules.

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