Unzip these to C:\ with "use folder names" and "overwrite existing files" checked in WinZIP.
If using XP extract to C:\
The projects will be unzipped to C:\EPIC\projects\<project name>


In EPICenter, F9 to compile, F10 to load.

Simple example to show all buttons on First expansion module DB15 connectors, Module1 (on 40 pin ribbon connector wires 9-24) and Module2 (40 pin ribbon wires 25-40). EPICenter tools\epic info\ buttons to see buttons. A checkmark indicates the switch is "on" (closed).

This example shows how to use a base tick loop to control lamp flashing, execute timed jobs, rotary speed detection and other rotary examples.

Defining and using displays.

Shows how to generate an event into FS2002. A switch is used for gear up/down

Shows how to make a unipolar stepper motor move using 4 bits of an output module.

Example showing how to generate events with a single rotary. For more complex rotary usage see BaseTick example above.

Example showing two methods of setting values in Flight sim using EPICINFO. See Readme.txt in project directory

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