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Personal Information

This is the homepage for Robert "Bob" Slaughter. I have had an interest in the Internet, originating in mailing lists and USENET newsgroups, since 1987 or so. I have a B.A. in History from the University of Florida. I also attended Deland High School in Florida.

Currently, I am a Senior Systems Analyst with Accenture Technology Soutions.

I also have numerous (way too many?) hobbies, including Model Railroading, Role-Playing Games (favorites include GURPS, Everway, Tribe 8, and Ars Magica), Board Games (the various 18xx and Mayfair "Rails" games especially), Military Boardgaming (Victory and OGRE), Miniature Wargaming (mainly Piquet), and who knows what else this month.

I am big fan of the Deryni and Adept series of novels by Katherine Kurtz. I am also a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, Mercedes Lackey, and other fantasy novelists.

"We stand here together,
Outside of Time,
In a place not of this Earth.
And as our ancestors before us bid,
We join togther, and we are One."
-- Deryni ritual quotation, from Katherine Kurtz

Favorite and Interesting Links

Unity School of Christianity. Hey, at least I'm going to church!

My Game Page Info on my favorite board, role-playing, and miniatures games

NMRA Official Homepage National Model Railroading Association homepage

Model Railroader Magazine. One of the leading magazines for the model railroading hobby.

FreeMOnthly Newsletter Home site for a new set of flexible standards for modular model railroad layouts

North Georgia Modurail Homepage for the NGM, an HO scale modular railroading group based in Atlanta.

Lojban WWW Server Web server for the artificial language lojban, a experimental language designed to be culturally neutral, relativly easy to learn compared to natural languages, and have a grammar based in predicate logic.

To contact me, send email to:

rslau AT