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Manufactured in Medley & Dania, Florida (at least some of them)

Updated July 22, 2002

Creekmore 38,37,36 1/2 (Ray):

Cruising world has the 38 listed under "another opinion" so there may be some more info there.
Boat Name Owner Location Notes: 
36' 6"
Hull number 509038
Built in 60s
Richard Simpson Camachee Yacht Yard, St Augustine, Florida, 32095 There was no name and little history, but she appears to have been very little used, perhaps never finished, or has been stripped of almost  everything and rebuilt. The hull and topsides are in excellent condition, I have just replaced all the  underwater bronze, including rudder shoe and post. The rig is in fair shape though the sails will need attention. Internally she is very clean but not fully finished. I can't wait to get her back in the water and sailing. Looks and feels like a fun boat.
For Sale!
Creekmore 36
Listed with First Coast Yacht Sales
Asking $30,000
St Augustine, FL Sleeps 5 ,2 in V-berth forward, 2 in dinette and 1 on the settee. Manual water, toilet ,sink. Galley has icebox, sink, single burner gimbaled stove.
Electronics: Compass, Depthfinder, VHF
Electrical: 12 volt, 110 volt, 4 D Battery, New Marine Air AC
Sails: Mainsail, Roller furled Jib, Blooper, Stormsail, 
Deck: Plow and Danforth anchors, Bow pulpit and rails, Side stanchions and life lines, Teak deck and cockpit, Fenders and lines, Bimini frame only
Additional: Very attractive exterior, interior has new paint and pretty wood trim ( just varnished). New green Sunbrella .New cushions
Creekmore 37
Ed Douglass Egg Harbor, WI  We cruise Green Bay, Lake Michigan and the North Channel.
I have a number of technical (sort of) about the boat and would like to
correspond or talk with other owners of 37s.
New Owner
Lady Helen
Creekmore 36
Michael Fischer Mamaroneck, NY
Lady Helen Home Page
Full lead keel 4'5" draft, displacement 13000 lbs. Hand laid fiberglass with integral stainless stringers, thickness below waterline >1". Decks are sandwiched foam and glass. 
Pronounced more like ashy-my-ky-anne. It
means "As it happens' in Cree indian. Which is also our outlook on life. (1974)
Ashley & Brenda Russell At the moment we are living in a Marina in Townsville, Queensland in Australia & both working to rebuild the kitty.
I've changed the engine twice, changed from a sloop to a cutter, cut back the boom to a better size added an extra fuel tank.
And we've lived, worked & cruised doing 2 1/2 circumnavigations. One thing we do like about our yacht is the interior which is all mahogany & Brenda is a great varnisher so it always looks perfect.
Just a note to & a photo of our newly finished project, the table as you can see in the photo, is now a great addition & a good talking point. It's an Australian Aboriginal dot painting of 2
platypus's. embedded in epoxy & sprayed with clear urethane paint.
(click pictures for better view) 
 Recently Sold by Yachts - Online St. Augustine, FL I got this pictures from a broker's page:
(Sorry, pictures no longer available)
Rare opportunity to own one of only 5 shoal draft Creekmore 38s. Strong hand laid fiberglass hull, lead keel, nine opening bronze ports, dinette, two quarter berths, double V-berth, sleeps 6, centerboard (4 ft./7.5 ft.), recent Awlgrip paint. Perkins diesel engine/transmission completely rebuilt (6/98) by Perkins . TABASCO is a strong always well kept boat that receives many compliments. Same owners for the past 18 years, excellent condition and ready to go.
For Sale!
Creekmore 36
Morgan's Landing - Broker
(800) 922-4887
St. Petersburg,
Sloop Rig, Aft Cockpit, Perkins 4-108. One couldn't guess her age by looking. Shoal draft, full keel design by Raymond Creekmore, Wheel Steering, 12/110V Electric, 6 Sails, Heavy Duty Anchors, 10 Bronze Opening Ports, Sailing Dinghy and Seagull Outboard.
Displacement, 14,000 lbs.,
Ballast 5,000 lbs.,
LOA 36',
Beam 9'8",
Draft 4',
Mast Height 44'
Asking $29,500.
(click picture for  better view)
? ? Key Biscayne, FL Yacht Club Picture Soon

Creekmore 10-4 (Lee):

Daggerboard racing design. Two produced. Hull Dimensions: LOA 33'9", LWL 29'10'', Beam 12'9", Draft 6' Board Down 9"-Board and Rudder Up. Rig Dimensions: J-12' I-40' E13'3" P-41'6" Luff 42' 294 SqFt Main.
Boat Name Owner Location Notes
Jack Watson,
Originally John Reynolds II
Tampa I built 2 ... I had Lee Design only for speed.
John Reynolds II Miami (Gables Estates), FL Picture coming soon.

Creekmore 34 (Lee):

The same concept as the 40 . The 34 preceded the 40. From the Endevour history web site: "Looking for boats along the Miami River, Brooks and Valdes found anold abandoned Ray Creekmore design. The 34ft design was cut in half, they added 3 feet at the midsection, and created the Endeavour 37 of which 476 were sold." This was in 1977 when the 34 was by no means an abandoned design.
Boat Name Owner Location Notes
Gary Lees Currently at Mariott Marina in Miami, FL
Built by Sandy Sandberg. Sail # 2. 162  Rating. Recently repainted.

High Falls
Dave and Connie McBride
Kenneth Bristow
Kent Island, MD
We'd love to hear from owners as we really know very little about the Creekmores. 
Volvo diesel.
Here is a good example of the underwater profile of the 34s and 40s.
(click picture for  better view)
For Sale!
Built and Currently owned by Ray Taylor
For Sale
Lived aboard and sailed 25-30 thousand miles. Currently in Bay St. Louis, MS Destiny going upwind I built a 34' creekmore the 3rd hull out of the original cold molded wood 
mold. Ray Creekmore helped me quite a bit. I sailed with him and his wife through the Bahamas on the last cruise in his 48' sloop built out of the 45' mold. The 34' I built was of course Lee's design and it took 5 years to build and was sailed for the first time in 1979. I lived on it for 9 years and cruised the Bahamas and the Antillies for 5 years.  I have restored  95% of the boat to new like condition. New engine etc.
We actually took 5th place in Columbus Day regatta ahead of Whale II in 6th place in about 1982. They only gave trophies to 5th place. Sandy was a good  sport.
The boat is in ready to go mode very little preparation needed.
I sailed her two weeks ago toe rail on the water close hauled and moving off the wind at about 9 knots in a fresh 20 knot breeze.
Some Stats on the Boat:
From Puerto Platt, Dominican Republic to San Juan, Puerto Rico 280 MI in 36 hours
Average speed of 12 knots from the Windward Passage to Montego Bay, Jamaica reaching with spinnaker.
Lots of memories. I started building this boat when I was 22. I'll be 50 July 4th this year. the boat is tender and a young mans challenge.
Cutter Rigged Sloop, 5 Sails, Full Keel, New 3 cyl. Volvo Diesel  (50hrs) New Stereo with 10 CD Changer, AutoPilot, Nav. station, This yacht is built for "Blue Water " Cruising.  Boat hull has never given him any trouble or signs of stress even though he has been in some major storms over the years.
Ariel  Frank Largent Dinner Key Marina
Coconut Grove, FL
Still "under construction" with no mast or deck hardware.
Tampa, out of the water off the Crosstown Expwy. Seen by  Jim Alman
Lady K? Jason Garrash Miami River between 5th st and 12 ave. Under renovation. Jason has just completed rebuilding the decks. Has Cabin.
Pallas Athena
Originally Lorcha
Patricia Dietrich Rickenbacker Marina, Miami Junk Rigged, two masts.
The original owner now lives in Amsterdam.  He and Ray Creekmore were friends living in Coconut Grove when they built the boat.
  She is a junk rig, the Hassler/McLeod design, specifically made for single-handing.  The dog box gives the only relief to the flush deck. She has a Volvo MD2B diesel, an aft cabin, foreward V berth, and the head is just aft the V berth.  Her original name of Lorcha was after the 19th century junk rig fleet of Brittish ships that plied Chinese waters.  I have re-named her Pallas Athena, after the Greek goddess in her form personifying physical bravery coupled with wisdom.  I've done a lot of work 
on her in the last year and now live aboard at Rickenbacker.  I hope to have pictures of her soon
? Listed at for $14,000 Stuart, FL Volvo MD17C, Radar, single side band, vhf, am-fm cassette, loran,water maker, water heater, 6 KW inverter, A/C, Roller Furling
Lion's Paw ? Miami River near 27th ave
Miami, FL
Looks like a nice but little used example.
? ? Miami River near 27th ave
Miami, FL
in poor shape, near loins paw. picture soom
Miami River near 27th ave
Miami, FL
Undergoing complete rebuild. Beautiful interior 80% complete. French owner is adding hard dodger. Plans to be finished by Summer 2002.
Sea Prowler
Ronald A. Giltner
built by
Lorn Frank

I have owned her sence 1984 and have sailed her all over the carib.
I would like to thank John Teloh for a large amount of information provided on the 30 and under foot Creekmores.

Creekmore 30 (Lee):

Plumb bow w/bowsprit. Reverse transom. This model came with either fixed keel or with a swinging centerboard.
Name Owner Location Notes
formerly Bluetooth
Champion is or was owned by Gary Eversoll.
Formerly Jock Grenier
Formerly John Richardson
Hurricane Cove Marina, Miami, FL Second of the Stubby boats built by John Richardson.
Columbus Day 1988

(click picture for  better view)
Now painted aqua and being restored.
Stubby John Richardson Miami River?
Formerly Coconut Grove Sailing Club
"Original 30 with plumb bow and rakish stern. Two boats where pulled from the male plug. The other boat sat out at the Medley shop for sometime until it was bought by John Richardson" - John Teloh
"I vaguely remember a 30' called "Stubby" moored out in front of the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. If I remember right, it was very prominent in a early 70's Miami-Nassau race." -G. colligan
For Sale!
Mad Rabbit
Stella Blue
Jim Edwards Dinner Key Anchorage Bow is not as plumb as Champion. Transom hung rudder. 1 cyl Yanmar.
Recent renovation.
Love Machine ? ? "This boat was different than the Stubby design It was an offwind machine. Boat went to Puerto Rico where the owner later died of Brain Tumour. Location unknown" - John Teloh
Might now be Areyto listed with Carib. Sailing Assoc.
Poker Chip K. Attin Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association "There is a Creekmore 32' called Poker Chip languishing in Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association owned by K. Attin. I am considering rescuing it but know nothing about it's Designer, racability, seaworthiness etc. Any info. especially according to today's racing rules would be greatly appreciated" - Nigel Hadaway
Iris John Duffy Coconut Grove Sailing Club Not the same hull as Champion/Mad Rabbit. Very broad square stern. Perhaps the same as Love Machine.

Creekmore 30 (Ray):

Here's a sailplan and text from a 1964 ad:
Name Owner Location Notes
Michael Posey She is presently on the Chesapeake Thanks for the information. It was great to see other boats designed by the Creekmores.  I own Nina, a Creekmore 30 that was built in '68 and raced between Miami and Nassua.  But she doesn't have a plumb bow and reverse transom.  She has beautiful traditional lines. In 1993 she placed 1st in her class and 2nd in the fleet in the Gulfport to Pensacola race.
Love the site, will visit again.
Michael Posey
"Sailed by Lee in the SORC where it won the Miami Nassau race" - John Teloh
Soon to Be Ren-Wil
Sailor's Choice
Jeffrey I. Cohen
Formerly Mats & Melissa
Ft. Lauderdale, FL: New River "I have to do a fair amount of work on her before I can sail her,but when I do, I plan to go down to Biscayne Bay." She is a rare centerboard version.
...she looks great after new deck paint and varnish, awlgrip on hull and new bimini top.
First Light
Michael Kessler I am now living in San Francisco and the boat is berthed in Sausalito. Built in Miami in 1966 by Ray Creekmore.  I have met both Ray and Lee back in  the 1980's (sometime) when I was living in Miami. I bought the boat in 1979 and have had it since.
? Peter Smither Ramsgate, Kent, UK Keen to locate other UK based Creekmores. I believe she was built about '76, a lovely solid little yacht with fine tribute to American joinery. Happy sailing to all.
Silver Buckle Gordon Reed Miami, FL Sail # 34. Rating 201

Creekmore 27:

Some reportedly built in Alabama.
Name Owner Location Notes
Pumkin Patch ? ? Pumpkin Patch (27') may have left Miami as of a few months ago. A friend called and asked if I was interested in buying it but I said no.- Jim Alman
Miss Nancy Sail Me ? ? Plug Boat, Daggerboard
Tequesta Manuel Huerta / Hugo Benitez
Previously owned by Sam Poole of Miami.
South Florida I am co-owner of a Creekmore 27, "Tequesta" currently sailing the waters of Biscayne Bay. I write to thank you for your great page on the designer; it is difficult to find information on these fine boats. Ours can be found sailing mostly in the evenings and Saturday afternoons, seldom in races (We need to spend some money and time on her to make her raceworthy). She has a daggerboard and a masthead spinnaker which makes her very fast but very sensitive off the wind (Don't sail too close to windward!). I would love to meet and sail with people who know the boat and get some ideas about tuning, crew positioning, leads, maybe even polars if they exist! The registration says it was built by Windsong, I know nothing about them or whether it was father or son who designed her. Again, thanks and congratulations on your page! Hugo Benitez. 
PHRF 165. Sail # 3
Yellow, Daggerboard
Eva Luna
formerly Molly Malone
Robert Zbiciak Florida
Eva Luna I just purchased a 1982 Creekmore 27'. Afraid I don't have a whole lot of information for you
at this time .... too busy getting ready to move & liveaboard her! I know this, in 1999 she was
known as "Molly Malone" and put on the hard in Glades boatyard, some repairs were made & she was sold to a fellow named Fritz from Switzerland. She was put back in the water in 2000, and renamed "Eva Luna" .. I just bought her for a song (in a sorry state) and plan to restore her to the condition she should be in. Have photos .. but in a flux right now, some stuff here, some stuff already aboard. I know the beam to be 12'2", draft at 4'6" .. would love to know the LWL, displacement & height of mast above the water .. would also be nice to know where she was built ... if you have more information than I do, would be much appreciated ... if not .. will provide what I can, when I can, by the way .. a fin on the rudder? Never seen this before! Seems to work well, steers better than any sailboat I have ever been on. Has a broken 8 Horse Renault .. will be removing it to use my new 8 Horse Nissan O/B .. know anybody looking for used parts?

Lindenberg 26 (Lee):

"Ken Friedlein" <> wrote "Lee Creekmore designed the Lindenberg 26 MORC boat made by Lindenberg Yachts in Florida in the late 70s. There was also a Lindenberg 28, but I'm not certain of Creekmore's involvement." Greg Mill writes: "At least 32 were produced. Disp 5350, ballast 2600, draft 4.5, beam 9.5.   J 10.5, I 35.5 E 28.0 P9.0. Wide side-decks, open foredeck, and narrow shroud base, (thanks to first generation B&R rig) give great maneuverability whether racing or cruising, and a (rather) true cruising interior makes deliveries bearable."
Name Owner Location Notes
Hull No. 28
Greg Mill Pamlico Sailing Club in eastern NC I have the original brochure, which credits Lee for the design, and gives Paul Lindenberg the credit as the builder. I have spoken to both Lee Creekmore and Paul Lindenberg about these boats. We race our boat exclusively PHRF, there continues to be relative success in MORC races by other Lindenberg 26's.

Esso-Bee with what appears to be another Lindenberg 26 in the background
? Dick Wisti Minnesota Won the MORC nationals a couple of years ago in an L-26, so you know the boat is capable of a good turn of speed.
? Dick Hamilton Toledo, Ohio  I bought a Lindenberg 26 after years of sailing a Pearson 26 and need some advice on tuning and using the mast bender. Any suggestions where I can find this information.

Creekmore 26:

Name Owner Location Notes
Scoundral Sold again to Viani ???  who took the trim tab keel off.
Previously owned by Valarie Kimbell who later became Lee's wife. (and still is)
Built by Tom Spencer.
? One of the first boats like Tigermoth with a trim tab keel.
(Before Doug Peterson became famous for trapezoidal keels).- John Teloh
Pumkin Patch Too Built by Lenny Middleton. ?

Creekmore 23 (Lee):

All built in Medley, FL by Valmark a company owned by Lee and Valrie. Mostly a production version with slight changes in rig.- John Teloh
Name Owner Location Notes
Vendetta Built for Tommy Richards. I think he still owns it.- John Teloh Tommy Richards' front yard I think - Jim Alman
Formerly Gandalf
Built for John Teloh Apollo Beach, FL Creekmore 23. Raced in MORC nationals. Info provided by Roy W Sherman
Music John Scheifer ?
Li'l David The last I knew, Lil David was owned by Tommy Breman (Breman Sails) - Jim Alman
This was a 23' with the transom and three feet of stern chopped off with a chain saw. She had a B&R mast, double spreaders, and a beautiful sail inventory made by Miami's own Charlie Fowler (He's now the Haarstick Loft in Miami) I sailed on her in the MORC Nationals in 1977 in Annapolis with Charlie, Sid Doren and Bob Barnett. Charlie knows a lot about Lee's boats. I met his dad, Ray, years ago out in their "shop" in Hialeah. Ray was a very interesting character having built his first boat in Mamaroneck, NY with Bob Derecktor. -G. Colligan
I thought it was reported sunk in tampa bay awhile back. .- John Teloh
For Sale!
For Sale West Palm Beach, FL new Tachmora 150% and 130% genoas, good main, spinnaker and 100% jib, great club racer, the boat has been dry sailed for the past 4 years, $3500 obo
Shrew Gene Dinisio Tampa (TSS) Sail 11660, West Florida PHRF 213
Dick Jennings
Sail No. 10., Also owns Pied Piper, A SC70 which holds the elapsed time record in the Chicago Mackinac race. May have been extended to 24'

Creekmore 20,22 & 7m (Lee):

Creekmore 22 Built in Alabama.
These seem to have been semi-custom MORC boats
Name Owner Location Notes
? Peter Shumar ? Changes that have been made are:
  • The winches have been moved forward and mounted on the cabin, the tiller has been moved to a separate transom mount, I don't  know if it came with the traveler or not, the windows have been sliced in half to save weight, and the stern rail and outboard mount are custom jobs that were done by the previous owner.
  • We bought her from a speed demon, so she was completely gutted and we cannot provide any details on the interior except that she is very, very spartan.
  • Her original color was white with stripes below the toe rail, she is now a patriotic red white and blue. The waterline near the bow was painted wrong two years ago and now the boat looks funny when sitting on the water.
  • Speedwise, she is a bit tender, sails better in 15 knots or less, but with reefed main alone she cruises well in 35 knots.  Testing against a san juan 24 last saturday proved that she could keep up with a blade jib and full main.  (san juan had a full crew, 155 genoa, and full main :)
For Sale!
Bob Smith Manahawkin, NJ I  was just givin a 1981 Creekmore 7 meter with trailer.It looks to be in very good shape.All original equipment with extra sails.Needs new outboard. My problem is I dont know anything about sailboats.How can I find out how much it is worth?And what is the best way to sell this boat.
For Sale!
asking $4,900 (405) 330-3675 Edmond, OK New bottom paint, great cabin, 4 sails, trailer, good shape, motor
For Sale!
Creekmore 22
asking $5000
(561) 624-9564
St. Lucie Sailing Club, Palm Beach Gardens, FL New technora 150% and 130%.Also,a good main, 100% and spinnaker. The boat is in race ready condition ,and has been dry sailed for the past two years. Wunder Mutt has won or placed in every race series in which we have sailed, in the past three years. PHRF Rating 196
Creekmore 22
Stuart Smith Pensacola Beach Yacht Club PHRF Rating 180
Linoleum ? ? Creekmore 22. Won the the  1978 MORC nationals. Info provided by Roy W Sherman
Raider (formerly?) John Marston ? It had a dagger board and a dagger rudder.-G. Colligan
? Adam Farkas -
previously Ken Schmidt.
Baie d'Urfe Yacht Club near Montreal from about 1981 to 1987 Light-weight MORC-type boat with a daggerboard (?) - won a lot of trophies. Previous owner (Ken Schmidt here in Cleveland) told me that 5 or 6 had been built. 
- Wes Kroeze, Ph.D.
Formerly Cricket
Crerekmore 7m
Michel Poitras
formerly David Matthews
Montreal, Quebec  I just moved to Montreal. I sailed the boat in Halifax, N.S. and in Shediac , N.B. were I bought the boat. I will take the boat to Montreal in September. I'm doing a complete retrofit this fall.
Creekmore 7m
Don Steeves PCYC
New York?
Sail No. 44261
Creekmore 7m

Annapolis had her transom truncated by Brian Jones
Creekmore 7m Jeff Nelson Annapolis
Creekmore 7m Peter Anderson Lake City, MN Needs work. Bulkheads are rotted out and needs some cleanup and all new cordage and little gel coat and fiberglass repair. Well rigged. Been sitting practically untouched for five years and was used for primarily racing and slip holder from previous owner. 
Racy Lady Creekmore 7m Jeff Peterson,
Originally Don Peterson
Plymouth, MN Original owner Don Peterson, Sailed at Wayzata Yacht Club Wayzata, MN 1980-early '90s MORC2 "Racy Lady" 23' white hull & deck factory red, yellow, orange stripe. Masthead rig, Hood sail inventory: main, 170, 150, 130, 110, 2 chutes  Hull # 473
Owned by Lee and Fred Bremen (Big Fred) of Bremen Sails in Miami Reported sunk much later in Bahamas Winner of 1/4 ton cup early on. First trim tab keel. Very ahead of its time.

Others I need to follow up on:

This is from a Long Island PHRF listing:
BOAT TYPE     BASE       RIG    DESIGNER   I        J       P        E         LOA    LWL     BEAM    DRAFT  DISPL BALLAST
CREE 27 IB    168     Masthead  Creekmore  34.47    11.49   30.48     9.94     26.88  22.72   10.26    4.80   6037   2170

Creekmore Boats, Rte. 1, Box 264-A, Theodore, AL. 36582


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