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Well, for whatever reason, you are interested in knowing a little more about the one they call "Salty Bill", so we'll just meander back through the years and see what we can dig up...

I spent my younger years growing up in South Boston, Virginia. It was a small town located along the North Carolina border in Halifax County . It was one of those communities where everyone at least had an idea who you were. Spent a couple of years there attending Halifax County (then Junior & Senior) High School. In 1982, I went on to attend Woodberry Forest School, just outside of Orange, Virginia. I completed the last two years of high school there, graduating in 1984.

NCSU LogoWKNC WebMy college career began at North Carolina State University. I only spent one year there, but took advantage of that time to sample many of the delights of the collegiate experience. As is human nature in a new environment, I sought out many of Raleigh's local watering holes, but settled on Pika Crest Mitch's Tavern as the establishment of choice. I also spent a little time as a DJ for WKNC-FM while I was there. The last few months there were some of the best, thanks to my participation in the Alpha Epsilon chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity . Nevertheless, I departed Raleigh in the summer of 1985 on my way to a lovely little institution in Maryland.

In the summer of 1985, I ventured north to Annapolis, Maryland where I enrolled as a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy . Not only did I earn my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering while I was there, but I also discovered a love of sailing that has remained with me to this day. (Naval Academy alumni should check out Homeport . It is an excellent alumni reference and index.) Despite, my apparent lack of interest in my academic standing, I was offered a second chance upon service selection and allowed to pursue a career in Naval Aviation.


Since graduating, the Navy thing has kept me busy and on the move. I've lived in Pensacola, FL, Virginia Beach, VA, Goldsboro, NC, and Atsugi, Japan. Just about everything else from my recent past is scattered thoughout the rest of my web pages. Enjoy your time on the site as you wander some more....

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