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sunset.jpg (2557 bytes)I couldn't not include a tribute to the modern day poet who lives the life most of us can only dream about.  My first real exposure to Mr. Buffett was at a concert in Columbia, Md. in 1988.  Since then I have been a devoted member of the Parrothead Phlock.  Striving to take time out from this hectic world and live the life of a sailor.

I have developed a fondness for sailing over the years, even before I discovered Jimmy's music.  I enjoy the relaxed pace of sailing (cruising that is), taking one's time to become familiar with the elements and the ocean.   This is the atmosphere of sailing, of the islands, and of a simpler lifestyle.   Listening to Jimmy Buffett can take me away from the grind at any time and remind me of how much fun life can be.

goose.jpg (4405 bytes)I have also had a lifelong attraction to flying.  In his recent works, Jimmy has woven the joy and passion of flying into an already colorful musical tapestry.  smallCClogo2.jpg (12904 bytes)I currently own my own airplane, but long for the day that I can upgrade to a seaplane and experience some of the joy and wonder of island hopping through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.  In the meantime, I will content myself with my next major expedition, next June's annual Cayman Caravan.  Every year a group of general aviation pilots get together and fly from Key West over Cuba to Grand Cayman Island to take part in the Cayman Islands' Aviation Week.  My wife and I are making plans to make the trek in June 99.  Stay tuned for more details.

kwest.jpg (21877 bytes)concert.jpg (37271 bytes)In the meantime, my wife, friends and I will continue to make our pilgrimages to mecca, Key West, and to the annual phlocking together of parrotheads throughout the land whenever our friend Jimmy hits the road.  Keep your eyes open for a gathering (one of many) of brightly clad individuals, displaying not a care in the world except for the location of their next cold, frosty beverage and what time the poetic melodies will begin drifting on the breeze that evening.



Just a few shots from our recent expedition to Northern Virginia for Jimmy's September 8, 2001 show at the Nissan Pavilion.

Coming Soon !!

Lazy Days & Sleepless Nights: Salty's All Time JB Compilation

Listed below are my favorite Buffett links.  I hope they serve as landmarks as you navigate through the islands, airways and memories that Parrotheads hold dear.  Fair winds and following seas.

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Parrot Heads in Paradise (the official Jimmy Buffett Fan Club)

The Jimmy Buffett Parrot(t)head Page (very comprehensive)

The Virtual Parrot Head Club (the Official On-Line Parrothead Club)

The Church of Buffett, Orthodox  (Site for those who favor the earlier works)

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Key West - Paradise (official Key West website)

The Phlock (links to other Parrotheads)

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