John And Bob's R/C Skydiving

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About 15 years ago Bob and I started fooling around with the idea of R/C Skydiving. We had our up's and our down's the hardest part of the whole thing was to get the chute to deploy when we wanted it to. We finally got some help from a friend on the west coast. His name is Juan A. Ferandez, I'll have his web site posted so you can see that it can be done. Bob and I fly 1/4 and 1/3 scale planes as you can see by the plane below
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These are two of our Best. We no longer fly them except on rare occasions. Both where scaled after actual planes that did fly in the War.
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When Bob and I did our Military training we used dome chutes.
Boy where they slow and did they ever hurt when they opened.
Now we use Parafoil Chutes or Ram Air Chutes.
My first experience with the Parafoil Chute was in Hawaii.
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Bob and I have come up with a very simple chute that can be made in about 2 hours. It's called Drop and Pop. They are a static line type of jumper.The Plans can be downloaded from this page in the download section. Just look for fltchut.bmp or fltchut.gif. There is one draw back, They really like to float in the air so I would add about 1 ounce of weight to them. I would experiment with the weight adding. Add enought to let it come at a normal time but not to little to where they float up in a thermal and do not add so much weight that it comes down like a rocket. We used an 11 1/2" figure dressed in military clothes from GI Joe. They fit real good, K-Mart would be a good source for the clothes, their brand goes by the name of American Heroes. You can download the plans to make this chute in either a GIF,BMP format or a DOC file. The Doc file requires word 6.0 or better.

The DownLoad Section
Click on the Red to download.
Log all your airplane flights with this program.
Reguires MS word 6.0 but it gives all the exact measurements.

Fltchute is in gif,bmp and doc format see picture center of this section.
This is what they look like after they open.
If you didn't know any better you would think that they where real jumpers.

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GoldenKnights Packing Area

St.Louis R/C Skydive Preparing for another Jump

Mike's Chute and Jumper form Germany.

John Sedovic controling the GoldenKnight R/C Skydiver
Member of R/C Skydive St.Louis

aniGif.gif - 962 BytesOur GoldenKnight Jumpers On Review

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Wally Gitchel's Build A Ram Air Parafoil Chute For R/C

This is the Modified Gitchel Ram Air Chute.Highly Technical, but can be built from these instructions. You must follow the Directions to the Letter. No if, and's or but's.



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Winner's of The 2005 SIRC's Ralley

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LZ River City, Thanks Wil !

This is LZ AMA Headquarters in Muncie Indiana

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" Drop Zone "
Juan's Place, stand up, HOOK UP!

MIKE from Germany

If you really want to JUMP for REAL this is the SPOT 1-800-STL-JUMP

World Free Fall Convention

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This page is Dedicated to all the Vietnam Veterans please Visit the MainChute. Something you won't forget it if you are a Vet.

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