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The Great Shalom Broadcast

Praying for your Children to be Saved

Acts 26:18

Sharon Sarles 4/16/2009


There is no formula in God. Simple petition is fine. This list is a recommendation, for those who need more ammunition. Sometimes we don't see results with one prayer and then we are tempted to war after the flesh. Then we lose. When you pray the will of God, standing firm against the counter-punches, you win. Here are some scriptures to pray, to do battle with, along with some advice from a grandmother who has seen results. Follow the Spirit, above all. Pray, treat them like they were saved, listen to the Spirit, only do what He says do, and then REST in God's faithfulness and will to answer your prayers that your children be saved.

First let me explain a good procedure and give you Scripture references for why I think this is helpful. Then, later I will use the same list, writing out word to pray from those scriptures, so you can pick up that page and pray it easily, but with understanding from having read this first page.

I always like to begin prayer time with thanks to God and then with praise to God for his goodness and mercy. I do this as an act of will and find that this brings me into the feeling of being in the presence of God quickly. I used to use Psalm 100 as proof of this, but after having done a study in Hebrew of that Psalm, I can't do that any more. So this is just my suggestion, a way that works for me. It is always easier and more fun, and I think more effective to pray under the anointing. So I recommend that you begin by thanking the Lord for his disposition to give gifts to you and to save your children.

Pray Acts 26:18, Ps 119:18. Pray that God remove the veil from their eyes and ears, help them see and hear. The justification for this comes from 2 Corinthians 4:3&4. Be sure not to preach yourself, but when you speak, speak Blessing in the anointing. This is especially important because unsaved people are infected by Satan's pride. They want to be sure no one controls them. This is especially true with rebellious American teenagers and young adults. So be careful not to be controlling or preach yourself.

Pray John16:8-14, asking Holy Spirit to hover over them in protection and to plant the seed of the Word (Genesis 1;1&2, Luke 1:35, Matthew 17:5). This is loosing the Spirit into the situation.

Pray Matthew 9:38, for godly people who testify to him to be placed in his path. Often young people need to hear their path to help and wholeness from someone besides their parents. Be sure to do your part to support preachers, missionaries, media ministries, and Bible studies that allow people to do this.

Pray 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 that strongholds that Satan uses to be knocked down. These are often pride and rebellion, but might be hurt feelings and emotional woundings. Pray also for overthrow of strongholds of opinions and philosophies of human reasoning.. Bind the spirit of deception here.

Pray Colossians 1: 13 That this one be transferred from the power of darkness to the kingdom of Light, of His Dear Son, Jesus. Speak and envision this dramatic change you want to see.

Pray Ephesians 1:14 That this one be endued with the earnest of his great inheritance with visible signs and workings of Holy Spirit.

Also pray Ephesians 6:10 That this one, now accepted in the Beloved, be clothed upon with their own armor that they may be able to stand for themselves and for others. Why stop with salvation (meaning just justification)? Go on and ask for stability and usefulness in the faith.

Finally, thank the Lord for answering your prayer. He does want to; He has promised to; He is faithful. You need to decided to agree with that. Fear and sense knowledge will come against you, but you be a good warrior and agree with this. Thanking the Lord is a powerful way to to that -- to hold your ground in the matter.

Thank the Father that he predestined this one for salvation Ephesians 1:3-4 . (This is true because of your covenant with God and your relationship to your child. Prophetically loose this, based on Ep 1:3 and Ep 1:22 for instance.)

Thank the Lord for the riches of his grace (Ep 1:7).

Thank the Father that he wills this one to be saved (2 Peter 3:9).

Thank the father for his unshakable covenant of shalom for you and for your offspring (Isaiah 54:10&13.)

And keep thanking God. Refuse to be shaken in this confidence. No matter what your son or daughter or grandchild says to you, keep thanking God. Keep guiding with kindness when it is a necessary duty and keeping your mouth shut when it is not a necessary duty. Be sure not to speak from stirred up self-righteous opinion. Err on the side of holding your tongue. Stay in the secret place of thankfulness to God, ever looking at His face. Keep thanking God. And you will see results.


Sheets, Dutch. Intercessory Prayer : How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth. Ventura, CA : Regal/Gospel Light,1996. ISBN -10:8307-1900-8

Copeland, Kenneth. "The Cares of this World Entering In." nd. Cassette tape available from www.KCM.org. Covers difference between faith and irresponsiblity, pride and humility, and necessity of taking authority against Satan, along with comment about how to pray for children in the world.


for Salvation of your Offspring

Thank you Lord that I can come to you in Jesus, with boldness because I am in your perfect Son, and I thank you that you said I could always come in confidence that I would find mercy and help at your throne.

Thank you, Lord, Thank you, Lord. Thank you! Lord! Thank you for your goodness, your mercy. Thank you that your mercy endures to all generations. Thank you that you love me. Thank you that you love my offspring. Thank you that you are faithful. Thank you that you created us and are disposed to show us mercy. Thank you for your mercy and grace. Thank you Lord!

Now, Father, I am bringing ___________________ before you, that he/she/they might be saved and brought into the kingdom, into our holy family in a manifest way.

I pray that you open _______ eyes and years that they may see your Light, see your help, your rescue. Thank you for removing the veil from their eyes.

Holy Spirit, I ask that you hover over them, planting the Word, convicting and convincing them of Truth and Love.

Father, I ask that you send harvesters into _________ path and thank you for it.

I decree that the strongholds, both emotional and mental, that are being used by the enemy be cast down, knocked down, and demolished.

I decree in the mighty Name of Jesus the Christ that _________ be transferred into His Kingdom of Light, Love, Truth; that _________ would accept the grace and mercy of God and so know he/she/they is (are) accepted in the Beloved and transformed into the image of Christ Jesus.

And I ask that rapidly ___________ would see visible signs of the down-payment of their great inheritance, and that rapidly he/she would stand, clothed in his/her own armor, doing battle for him/herself -- and for the salvation of many others, wielding the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God for ever greater victory.

I thank you Lord that this is done. That this one is saved, that your household is enlarged, that your covenant of shalom for me and for my offspring is unshakable -- even though mountains might shake and fall down, your covenant with me shall not even be shaken. I thank you that all my offspring will be taught of you, and have great shalom, complete well-being in every ares. I thank you for your great love and faithfulness. I agree with you in this matter that ______________ will be saved and saved to the uttermost. I thank you for the power, the authority that this is backed up, signed, sealed and delivered. And I thank you for it Lord, now and forever, AMEN. So be it. Amen. HalleluJah.

God wants total well-being for all children.

Sister Sharon Sarles
The Great Shalom Broadcast
P.O. Box 971
Austin, Texas 78630

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