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Twenty Blessings for Teachers

    By Sharon Sarles


May you have a good start to your school year.

School year starts

New binders, pens and pencils

New hopes, new friends,

The satisfaction of some old

Start well. Bond with the students.

The semester depends on the first week.

Read the syllabus.

Read the students.

Let them read your intentions.

Do you care?

About what?

For them?

They do.

May you have a good harvest for your efforts.

Plant a seed, reap a crop.

Plant many seeds, reap farm.

Plant education, reap a career.

Plant aspiration, reap fame.

Plant inspiration, reap eternity.

May you be unafraid.

Lord, save us from a fortress mentality.

We are in a battle and we do need a fortress. The trouble is, one Works and the other does not.

The Name of the Lord is a High Tower, Those that run into to IT are safe.

He who abides under the shadow of the Most High El-Elyon, will rest in the shade of The Almighty, El-Shaddai.

This is the true fortress, trust in God.

There is a counterfeit fortress – one of blame and do-nothingness.

Too bad that doing nothing brings only more of what you don't want.

Blame inflames.

The evil picture in your mind is enlarged – until you are paralyzed.

It is really the brain washing of the enemy. It might be like Hitler Doing such a good propaganda job on the French that they are so inflamed at the Poles and Algerians, they do not fight against the Nazis.

Yet that is what we do. We hunker down, tell stories about people we don't like, inciting more of what we hate all the while ensuring we never do something to improve the situation.

The kingdom way of fighting is to win the enemy over to make friends. Keep your eye on the true Fortress, His power, Truth and Strength. Do what He says Do. Say what He says say.

Believe that your apparent enemy will soon be your friend. This is the way to fight the real enemy, rather than for him.

May you see the big picture and so draw peace from it, into the situation at hand.

The ocean of needs looks black and roiling.

Waves crash upon the rocks unrelentingly.

The mountain stands.

The morning dawns.

The statue on the mountain reigns in peace.

May you have good success.

Fix Problems, not Blame – SS

This is one of my signature sayings. Too often we think once we have outlined the problem and assigned it to someone else, we have done all we can do. This is serious deception. This is having gone down the wrong road, found a dead-end and declared triumph, unwilling to listen to the GPS of God's Spirit. Your only response is personal responsibility. The problem is probably more multi-faceted than you know or are willing to admit. Close your mouth. Open your inner ears. Allow God's map to come in your mind. Realize you are in a driver's seat. Take responsibility for doing what you can do in the problem. Go where God is telling you to go. Do the driving in your own car. Compare where you should be to where you are, and if you are no where you ought to be, YOU drive, according to God's map. Very often you will change the system by repositioning yourself.

The only way to victory is for you to follow the plans of the Great Captain. It requires your doing something, not merely hatching stories about others.

The good news is that problems CAN be fixed. Victory is mapped out. Fixed problems are much better than fixed blame. Victory much more fun than self-righteous stories. One feel like rest and good, but when seeing the bigger picture, the other is much more satisfactory – for everybody.

May you have the true humility that seeks others' good and not one's own glory. May God therefore exalt you.

Water is powerful.

It can sweep away a pick-up,

pulled out into a low water crossing

then swept away down the stream.

Water, however, seeks its lowest point.

Therefore it can be, will be channeled.

Create a channel, use the power.

May you find honor and good repute as a teacher.


It was a word for a young man who later sought high office.

Then it was a word for a spinster who could impart order.

Then it was a word for a cadre of women who in public schools.

Then it was a word for a newly arrived guru,

and then it was a word for.....

How about .. one who teaches?

Teaching is honorable.

Fashions come and fashions go.

Methods come and methods go.

But the student comes and the teaching arrives.

May you find your deep values in what you do everyday.

I'd rather teach peace.

We teach much more than curricula.

Ten years from now they will not know

Dates, or pages, or perhaps even grammar rules.

They may not remember our name.

They will remember, indeibly, who they have become.

May you have joy in what you do.

Let you good works multiply like weeds. -- Sharon Sarles

Weeds are only plants where we don't' want them. The saying “grow like weeds” indicates that we think weeks grow very well and all over. Let your good works grow like weeds Just start doing them, whether wanted by others or not. They will have a power to take over, since they are adapted to the soil; they are native plants. So, there will be another culture. Not the foreign plants that have a hard time growing, but the native plants, the plants of goodness, that God meant to grow. Start by planting your good deed, even if some people think it is a weed.

May you have the best seed, and so the best harvest.

Speak The Word.

Teachers are speakers.

They speak all day long.

Speak into the student.

Speak to the situation.

Move the mountain.

Call forth figs.

The word is the seed.

Good seed makes good fruit.

May you have fresh confidence in the well-proven path.

Ancient Hebrews presented their child in the temple.

Do we present our students to the Lord?

On the eight day the parents came.

New beginnings all the time:

Students given to God;

Teachers committed

Trust in God.

He will.

May you always feel loved.

Bless your heart. Little one, pink rose in winter's snow bank.

You may shiver in the cold, but the sunlight has found you.

You are the harbinger of spring, warming from underneath.

Lift your head, sweet petals. Receive the dew.

Tremble in the breeze. Bask in the sun.

More shall come. Be the rose.

May all your wrestlings make you strong.

Jacob was blessed strangely.

He wrestled with an angel,

And in the end said, “I will not let you go”

Then the angel touched him in the thigh.

From then on, he limped.

Do your blessings seem to be won in struggle?

Do you fear they hurt?

They will change you forever.

No longer Jacob the schemer, but Israel, the Prince of God.

Wrestle then, with the angel of the Lord.

May you have blessings beyond what you could ever imagine.

Did you know that a seed has the power in itself, to change the soil around it? Really, in the seed husk, there is a chemical that is released, just before the seed is sprouted, that gives that seed an extra chance at survival. Sowing repeatedly a certain see in a field, actually changes the chemical makeup of the filed

You have the seed. You have the Word of God. You have been blessed by the Father. That Blessing, that Word is strong. It is the same Word that made the garden, made the whole planet. Now that Word is on you. God made the earth and blessed it. God made people and blessed us. His direction too, is a blessing.

Go out and speak that word of blessing. It will change the soil of your life. You may feel like one tiny seed in a large garden of very black earth. You may feel alone, because you cannot see any other seeds like you. Never mind. Speak the Word. Speak the blessing. Remember that it has power in itself. The Word does not go out void, but accomplishes the thing God sent it to do. God sent you. God gave you the word of God. Speak it. Confess it. Confess it before men. See the garden change.

May you have the power of the prophet of God, but not be named Ezekiel.

Prophesy to dead bones

bones to bones

joint to joint

carcass arise

army arise

death is passive

Life conquers


piercings, spiky hair, weirdly tight legged jeans

handlebars displayed, pimples covered

life coming from tombs

tombs painted black for want of knowing about whitewash

opened, nevertheless

Speak to the Wind. Call Forth Life. Come!

May you find all that you desire.

Believe in your heart and confess with your Mouth. So shall you be saved. Romans 9:10

We are familiar with this passage when it comes to people getting born again in church. However, there is a great power here that applies to all of life. If you believe and speak, you will be saved. It might be a scary financial situation. Believe the Word, and speak the Word and see the result. Of course if your believe the Word, your actions will be alignment. speaking the Word will jump start that alignment. If it is financial, you realize that you have to do your part. Start by believing God's promises and then speaking. You will find power. You will find this formula works in all situations. Whether it is finances, health, family or job situation. Find the Word of God. Realize it is a blessing. Believe it Speak it. This applies it to your situation. You will see the delivering, saving power of the Lord.

Work the plan and the plan will work. The Plan is the word of God. It must be enlivened and spoken in the earth.

May all your prayers be answered.

To have answered prayers, pray what God wants prayed.

What would God want prayed?

If God is love?

May you have good discernment.

May you be in the kingdom where you are a true princess (or prince) rather than the kingdom where you are offer Turkish Delight but find yourself a slave or a frozen statue.

In the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, the boy who was a bit naughty was lured away by the wicked witch with the offer of a piece of candy. He went to the bad side. He found he was badly treated. His siblings, whom he had treated ill, had to save him. They found him in the court of the wicked queen, frozen as a statue. The good children, after their adventure of helpfulness, found themselves ruling in a wonderful kingdom of talking animals, where the absent high regent, a Loving Lion sometimes visited them.

We can chose to align ourselves with the kingdom of selfishness or the kingdom of kindness. It does appear that the human situation is hardwired so that those who choose the naughty end up, not with the delight they thought, but with misery. Those who choose helpfulness, by contrast, find health, peace, and reward. Psychology testifies to the phenomenon. Practical sense testifies to it also, saying, “what goes around, comes around.” The Bible says, “What you sow, you reap.”

It also says that God has transferred us from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of His dear Son. We need only receive this gift by faith.

May you have energy enough – both youth and wisdom.

There is a long list of blessings and cursings in Deuteronomy that the Israelites recited, confirming their covenant and resolve. Among the promises during this time, was one that if the people adhered to all of God's laws, he would not put any of the diseases of Egypt upon the people. Indeed, it is recorded that the Hebrew slaves came out of Egypt all sound and strong. The Egyptians, by contrast, due to poor diet and leisurely lifestyle were often sick and died young. Although there may be a diversity of interpretations, I think we can agree that these passages do indicate that God would have us healthy. God cares about our health. God's way has always included good health practices. Please search and find the ones that work toward your best strength, and so enthusiasm for what you do.

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you

May the Lord make His face to Shine upon you

And give you Shalom.

This is the ancient Aaronic blessing. God is recorded as having told Aaron to use these words to bless the people of Israel. This was an important duty for Aaron, as the High Priest. This was part of the instruction Moses gave as he set up the rules of governance for a people, now a nation. Just before they went into their promised land, into battle to secure what God gave them, Aaron is instructed to bless.

We, if we are God's people, likewise must bless. It is in this way we perform the duties of being priests and kings under the King of Kings and the High Priest of our Confession. In this way, also, we take the land promised to us – the good life.

May you have a good year.

May the Smile of God shine through your teaching.

Twenty Blessings for Teachers

Sharon Sarles

A gift for a teacher of poems, meditations, and reflections, each starting with a clear blessing for their wellbeing. Encouraging, intriguing, sweetly powerful.

Sister Sharon earned a Montessori Diploma from St. Nicholas in London, a Master’s in Divinity, and a Master’s in Sociology. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Delta, Golden Key Honor Society, and a life member of Mensa.

She has served the church both in the pastoral ministry and in the religious education department. She has taught and tutored all ages groups. She continues to teach at the college level, to direct a private church related preschool, train teachers, and consult.

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Last modified January 2010