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Saxon Uniform Network has built its reputation on providing the quickest, most accurate service in the cap and gown industry. Students and faculty can be assured of receiving regalia designed in accordance with traditional academic guidelines. And best of all, we stock a selection of graduation caps, gowns, tassels, year dates, academic hoods and honor stoles for preschool, elementary school, high school, college, master's, and doctoral degrees ready for shipment within 24—48 hours of your order. What we don't have in stock, we can usually get within a few weeks, so if you need a cap and gown in a hurry, give us a call, or E-Mail us with your requirements, and we'll let you know if we have it, and if not, how quickly we can get it to you.

doctoral gown In addition to distributing the finest custom made academic gowns, Saxon Uniform Network specializes in quick turnaround and delivery of our famous deluxe doctoral gowns and faculty academic gowns, plus our VIP student gowns.

In addition to not having to pay rental fees each semester, owning your own graduation gown provides the following benefits over rental gowns:

  • Fewer headaches. Eliminate confusion and delays caused by measurement, pick-up, and drop-off lines. Because you own the gown, you only need to buy it once, and it's yours for keeps.
  • The "Never-Worn-Before" feeling. Since you own the gown, specially packed in a sealed plastic bag, you don't have to worry who wore it before you. No one; it's brand new—and all yours!
  • Innovative designs and fabrics. Our new fabrics give our econo-gowns a bright, fresh look and feel, in whatever color is selected.
  • Quality construction. Fine shirring and close attention to detail give our full-cut gowns a luxurious appearance. These gowns also feature a quality 26" zipper closure which is color-coordinated to match the gown.
  • Exact sizing. Our caps and gowns are manufactured in a variety of sizes to fit High School / College graduates as short as 4'0" or as tall as 6' 5". And our preschool gowns can fit just about any toddler under the sun.high school academic gowns

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